2023 Primary Associate Membership 1/1/23 to 12/31/23
2023 Primary Associate Membership 1/1/23 to 12/31/23 You will not receive an additional issue of The Fenton Flyer. This membership will expire on 12/31/23.
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2023 Primary Associate Membership 1/1/23 to 12/31/23 $5.20
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National Fenton Glass Society, Inc.




Anyone may join the NFGS by applying and paying the annual dues.   NFGS members are offered various activities and services and certain exclusive glass items.  Primary members ($30 annual dues)  receive our newsletter, while Primary Associate ($5) members do not.  Households with both Primary and Primary Associates will receive only one copy of each Fenton Flyer newsletter issue.  All members will receive a permanent membership card when initially joining that remains in effect as long as dues are current.  A 4% administrative fee will be added to all credit/debit card transactions.

NFGS dues are payable January 1st for the upcoming year.  Each year after September 1st the dues are reduced for the balance of the year.  The post-convention rates are as follows:  Primary members ($15.00), Primary Associate ($2.50).  A 4% administrative fee will be added to all credit/debit card transactions.  

Please specify full names and complete mailing address.  Please include your street address unless you want glass shipped to your post office box.  It is necessary if you wish to join or renew via PayPal.  A phone number is helpful if we need to contact you.  Please include your email address if you wish to receive correspondence, special notices and information via email.  Our mailing list is not shared with anyone.

Members enjoy a three-day weekend convention held in late July or early August each year. Educational seminars allow members (or special guests) to share their knowledge about different aspects of glass collecting.   A “Glass Forum” is conducted by experts who help identify glass brought by members having questions. Convention glass displays from members’ collections are reviewed and discussed.  dinner cruise aboard the Valley Gem sternwheel riverboat is an enjoyable evening.  An annual dinner (banquet), followed by an auction of “whimseys” (fanciful variations) created exclusively for NFGS members, brings the convention to a close.

 The NFGS newsletter, The Fenton Flyer, published and mailed to Primary members six times per year, contains organizational news, educational articles, and other items of interest to members. Members may advertise “For Sale” or “Wanted” items.  The majority of the material is contributed by members.

NFGS mice are available for purchase for ALL members.

Our Membership Mice for 2023

 On the right is our mouse in Georgia Blue Glossy ($30), and the mouse on the left is Georgia Blue hand-painted by Trudy Mendenhall ($69). Both mice were made at Mosser Glass and will be an awesome addition to your collection. They are limited to one of each color per household/Primary Member for those who have paid their dues for 2023.   

   ND22-Mem_mice.JPG     ND22-Mem_mice-bk.JPG

It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to use this feature.  You will be able to use your credit card which will be processed through PayPal.

The two memberships available on the left are for the entire 2023 membership year.

The two memberships available on the left are for the last half of the 2023 membership year. You will receive the September/October 2023, November/December 2023, and January/February 2024 issues.

Please click on the PDF icon to print the application or Renewal Form.  Thank you!



Each of the two links to the left will provide you the option to donate $10.00 to either the Tom Smith Education Fund or the NFGS Mould Fund. We appreciate and thank you for your donation!


September 25, 2023
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