September - October 2020


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Shipping & Insurance: 

Effective January 1, 2018, the NFGS will use the USPS published rates.  Insurance on the package will be the responsibility of the member if the cost of the item(s) is over the initial $50.00 allowable amount included in Priority Mail. This means that a member will pay postage in accordance with their zip code, the size, the weight, and the value of the boxed item(s).  

Our office secretary will contact you regarding the actual charges.  Sales tax will be added to orders shipped to Ohio residents.

Our Annual Membership Mice

By Sharon Fenner

We'd like you to meet our membership mice for 2020!  It is rare that we hand-paint our membership mice; only happened in 2009, and again in 2010 which was our 20th year. 

The lily is the flower that represents the 30th anniversary.  Susan Bryan has adorned our Ruby Red mouse with a beautiful white lily.  It can be yours for $60. 

Our Teal mouse with a balloon bouquet has sold out.

It is available to all NFGS members who are current in their 2020 dues.  They are limited to one of each per Primary member for the 2020 membership year.    


Still available: 

The NFGS Thirtieth Anniversary  Convention is cancelled, but just as in years past we are introducing our 2020 Souvenir, designed and hand-painted by Frances Burton. You may order additional Happiness Birds beginning June 23, while supplies last on a first come/first serve basis, for $85.00.


Second in a series of 'Birds of Prey' is the Peregrine Falcon created by Michelle Kibbe. The Peregrine Falcon is available for $119.00 and no longer limited to one per member. This bird has sold out, and orders are being accepted. 


The iceberg is available for $99.00, while supplies last. This iceberg is scheduled to ship shortly.


Sage Mist Mouse - Patches #8 - is available for for $60.00, while supplies last. 

             MJ20-1-sage_mist_-305.jpg         MJ20-1-sage_mist-BK_-_374.jpg

As he has for many years, Ken Stohler has had a pin created, this one significant to the times in which we are living. This pin features the NFGS mouse wearing PPE, with Covid-19, 2020 on it's chest. Susan Bryan designed and hand-painted the mouse photographed for the pin. 

The pin is available to all members for $8, shipping included. 

Stay Safe - Stay Well!



Virual Convention Glass Sales - Part III

By Sharon Fenner

Happy Halloween!!!

We will begin accepting orders beginning September 22, 2020 on a first come / first served basis, one per Primary Member/household.       

Frances Burton created this 'spooktacular' medium Black iceberg just perfect for your Halloween decorating.  Price: $75.00


Trudy Mendenhall's design on a glossy Opal Ghost is very unique - whimsical, like only Trudy can do!  Check out the detail!

Limited to 20, one per Primary Member / household, for $105.00. 

Orders will be accepted beginning September 22, 2020 on a first come / first served basis.       

To complete your Halloween decorating we have a Opal satin Curious Cat designed to complement the ghost.  The black cat with a hat adorns both the front and back of the cat. With that pleading face, how can you resist? 

Limited to about 25, one per Primary Member / household, for $75.00.  

Orders will be accepted beginning September 22, 2020 on a first come / first served basis.  

Stay Safe!  Stay Well!!

Happy Halloween!!!


Awesome Fenton Animals

By Ellen Stohler


Pictured are the authors favorite animals on the fount in Favrene, and those hand-painted by Louise Piper and Martha Reynolds.

SO20-4-DUCK.jpg SO20-4-Favrene.jpg

A Collector in the Making

By Becki Ann Selby

Becki Ann's granddaughter spotted this beautiful Fenton Celeste Blue stretch fan vase from the 1920s.  It was her first 'find' in the 'wild'.

Happy Fall

Happy Halloween

 NFGS 2021 Annual Convention

July 24 - 26, 2021



Left: Vaseline Green Transparent Banded Drape-style pitcher enameled as a blank before the Banded Drape pattern was added to the mould

Left center: 'Cherries and Blossoms' pitcher in Marigold rarely found

Right center: Royal Blue and Crystal #1639 footed tumbler; etching copied from a pattern of Crooksville China Company called 'Silhouette'

Bottom left: #891-12 in. Stretch glass ribbed vases in Royal Blue ($1000) and Topaz ($675)

We would love to hear of any news you have about new finds of old Fenton so we can share it with the NFGS membership.  Please contact us at oakwoodfarm1@yahoo.com  with the subject heading of "Fenton Classics"




Below: #655 Aquamarine covered cigarette box wit beautiful and unusual cutting.  SO20-5-CIG_BOX-200.jpg


Unusual Fenton Lamps: 

for Better or ...Not

By Doug McIntosh


'A picture is worth a thousand words' is probably the best way to describe these creations.  Noted below is the date they sold and the selling price.


Right:  08/03/ 20 - $777.00

Below left:  05/31/20 - $285.00

Below right: 06/15/20 - $275.00

Center left:  06/16/20 - $400.00

Center right:  07/25/20 - $649.00

Bottom left:  06/25/20 - $299.00

Bottom right:  06/30/20 - $575.00



SO20-12-Crazy_lamp_6.jpg SO20-12-Crazy_lamp_5.jpg



Just 'Cuz it Says Fenton...

By Anne Blackmore


Right: Grape and Cable Covered Biscuit Jar by Northwood. Check for the "Circle N" logo on the inside bottom of the jar.

Below: Consolidated 10-inch vase with Charleton Decoration by Abels Wasserberg.

Below right: Phoenix Pitcher - Made by the Phoenix Art Glass Company in approximately 1889.  The design is air-trap optic.  Easily mistaken for Fenton's #6464 cream pitcher.






2020 Display Table Challenge Update

NFGS members are encouraged to set up a 'Display Table' in their home, take photos, and send the photos and the editorial portion of the article to the Flyer Editor. This information can be found on page 2 of the Flyer.  We will continue to accept articles until October 1, 2020.   

Challenge Appreciation Gift

In appreciation for sharing your collection with the NFGS membership, you will be sent an Opal Carnival 1879E Eagle, postage paid. 

SO20-13-eagle_frt.JPG SO20-13-eagle_back.JPG


2020 Display Table Challenge! 

Cameo Opalescent Circa Late 1926-1929

By Sharon and Dan Haughey

This display table is stunning!  Items included in the other pictures include two #1502 18-inch Diamond Optic vases, a #550 flared bowl with a six-sided base, the 17-inch  #1563 oval handled bowl, and the #844 candy dish with a flower finial.








 Ivy Balls ~ Ivy Balls ~ Ivy Balls Ivy Balls ~ Ivy Balls ~ Ivy Balls

By Becki Ann Selby 

The Ivy Balls (aka lollipop vases) come in Ruby, Emerald Green, Amber, Jamestown Blue, and Amethyst.  They can be found pattern-less, Dot and Mitre, Dot Optic, and Polka Dot. Some have a Flared Lip top, while others are just cut off.  Note the Ruby Dot Optic with the top in tact. There is a smaller version (4.5" tall) with a diamond-shape base, and some are found without a foot or plate. The Polka Dot has a Crystal foot.

SO20-9-Ivy_Balls_14.JPG SO20-9-3-Ivy_Balls.JPG
SO20-9-Ivy_Balls_5.JPG SO20-9-Ivy_Balls_6.JPG
SO20-8-Ivy_Balls_15.jpgSO20-9-Ivy_Balls_10_-187.jpg SO20-9-Ivy_Balls_12-187.jpgSO20-8-Ivy_Balls_11_-_187.jpg
SO20-8-Ivy_Balls_8_-187.jpgSO20-9-Ivy_Balls_4-187.jpg SO20-9-Ivy_Balls_9-187.jpgSO20-9-J_BLUE_Ivy_Balls_-187.jpg


Before Violets in the Snow

By Laurie and Richard Karman

On the 'table' below you will see four different violet designs on Fenton glass by unknown decorating companies.  

Row 1 - delicate clusters of violets and gold stars, which some suggest were painted by Abels, Wasserberg, & Co. as part of their 'Charleton line'.

Row 2 left - a cluster of of violets on two different colored leaves and small violets on dangling vines. Some items even have decoration inside the piece.

Row 2 right - the leaves of the central violet cluster come in two different varieties, one smooth and one with ripples.  This is the design on the Emerald Crest piece, the only one we have come across to date.

Row 3 left - this design shows the addition of fern-like branches amongst the green leaves. Fenton's Violets in the Snow also have these branches in the design.

Row 3 right - shows a design with a repeating pattern consisting of a single violet with simple leaves and stem. 

Row 4 - close-up pictures of two designs.

SO20-10-Pic_1_-374.jpeg SO20-10-Pic_1a.jpegSO20-10-Pic_1_-374_-design.jpeg
SO20-11-PIC_2.jpeg SO20-11-Pic_3.jpeg
SO20-11-Pic4.jpeg SO20-11-PIC_5.jpeg
SO20-11-Pic_4a.jpg SO20-11-Pic_3_-Em._Crest.jpeg

Fenton Alley Cats

By Ellen Stohler

Below: Alley Cats were made at the Tiffin Glass Company in Tiffin, Ohio between 1924 and 1934. It was called "Sassy Susie" and produced in bBlack sain with enamel facial highlights, Black satin, Black gloss, Milk Glass, and two-tone (Milk Glass on top and Black on the bottom). Fenton purchased the mould in 1960 and promised to not produce the Alley Cat in those colors and treatments.

At right:  'Almost Heaven', Buttercream glass, a collaboration of Kim Barley, Frances Burton and JK Spindler, 2013. 'Canaan Valley' on Cobalt was designed by JK Spindler, and sold in 2009.

Below right: A JK Spindler creation, 'Kat Tut' on Buttercream glass, won in a 2010 Gift Shop Silent Auction.



  SO20-14-BLK_-_125.jpg    SO20-14-SASSY_SUSIE_-249.jpg


Only in Williamstown

By MillieCoty


Underplate for the #7004 mayonnaise in Blue Pastel Swirl, 5 X 4 7/8", 1954-1955.SO20-15-MAYO.jpeg


In Remembrance,                            Anthony John Rosena

By Sharon Fenner

Anthony John Rosena, 91, of Easly, SC, formerly of Williamstown, WV, passed away August 5, 2020. He was hired at Fenton Art Glass in 1967, as a mould designer, and retired after 25 years. One of his creations is the 5119 Crouching Kitten, which the NFGS now owns. 




Some Pleasant Surprises in June/July eBay Sales

By Doug McIntosh

Below left: Murphy/Bomkamp 'Beginnings' 12-inch pillow vase, BIN, $2000.00

Below right: Regal Iris lamp, iridized Ruby, BOA, $1850.00

Row two left: Topaz Opalescent #3913 hobnail cake plate stand with six serving plates, BOA, $2000.00

Row two right: Topaz Opalescent #3712 punch bowl with 12 cups, 1980s made for Levay, 1 bid, $1300.00

Bottom left: 20-inch student lamp with a paisley design in the mould, undecorated, Willow Green, 36 bids, $1800.00

Bottom right: Murphy/Bomkamp 10.5-inch 'Leida' sand-carved vase, BIN, $725.00

SO20-20-GR_LAMP.jpg SO20-20-LEIDA.jpg

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