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Exclusive NFGS Glass for 2014

By Sharon Fenner

Shown here are the new items available during the 24th Annual Convention.  We had Vasa Murrhina jewelry,  three mice, three mice by Dave Fetty,  5065 and 5119 cats, Chocolate bridesmaid, bear,  tobacco jars, Black iceberg and several Blue Burmese vases.  Visit the NFGS Exclusives page for prices and details.

SO14_Doll_Bear_-373.jpg SO14_3_Mice_373.jpg
SO14_KL_TOB-DAISY.jpg SO14_Styl_Cats.jpg



Oh, the Fun We Have Wiith Donations!

By Sharon Fenner

These small baskets were one-of-a-kinds and all now have been added to a members collection. 

We owe a huge "thank you" to all who have donated glass to the NFGS.  As you can see, we do have fun with it!





A Tribute to Anita J. DeSanti 

By Gary Barnum and Millie Coty 

Word of her passing was recently received.  Ms. DeSanti was a guest at our 2005 convention, and was introduced at a seminar given by Lori and Michael Palmer on Charleton decorating.

In Loving Memory



Goodies Galore in the Hospitality Room

By Millie Coty


Thank You!!!  We had an amazing variety of goodies to enjoy.  We appreciate your contribution so much.  Please send in your recipes so they can be compiled into a booklet to be shared with our membership.


Just 'Cuz it Says Fenton...

By Anne Blackmore

Below:  Custard Glass, Clear-Crested Bobeches.  These Victorian-era bobeches were designed to fit at the top of the candleholder around the base of the candle to catch dripping wax.  

Left bottom:  Fry rose-Colored Scalloped Edge Reamer.  Fenton made only two styles of reamers, both made up of two parts.

Below:  Laced Edge Vase in Katy Blue by Imperial.  The difference between it and the Fenton vase is Fenton has a basketweave pattern and Imperial has a diamond pattern.    





The History of "Chessie" by Fenton

By Jay Kabinoff

In 1970, the management team from C & O approached the Fenton Art Glass Company to produce a piece of glass with their legendary, trademarked cat.  Anthony Rosena sketched his idea for a candy box, which eventually became this beautiful mould.      

Top left:  OOAK by CC Hardman, circa 2013-14  Top right:  OOAK by Robin Spindler, 2013-14

Bottom left:  Possible Rosalene sample, 1970  Bottom right:  Production Amethyst Carnival, 1970



Preserving our Fenton Legacy

By  Millie Coty 

The 13 framed prints (shown left) hung in the staging area for Fenton factory tours.  The Fenton Gift Shop offered them to the Museum of American Glass, in Weston, WV for a price of $1,500.  Contributions of the 2014 NFGS Convention attendees, and the NFGS, made this a reality.  Visitors to the MAG will enjoy this grouping for years to come.  



Display Tables fron 2014 NFGS Convention


NFGS members filled the ballroom with an array of beautiful glass.  From 1920s offhand to Fenton's critters, we were treated to this amazing display!


SO14Table_1_-_Violets_Snow.jpg SO14Table_3_Elephants.jpg
SO14Table_2_-_60s-70s.jpg SO14Table_4_-_Rosalene.jpg
SO14Table_5_-_Periwinkle_Blue.jpg SO14Table_6_-_Chessie_Box.jpg
SO14Table_7_-_Stripes.jpg SO14Table_8_-_Peach_Crest.jpg
SO14Table_Apple_Tree.jpg SO14Table_Rosealene_2.jpg


SO14Table_Pink_Vasa.jpg SO14Table_Ruby_Georgian.jpg
SO14Table_Stowasser.jpg SO14Table_Turtles.jpg
SO14Table__Ptd_Vases.jpg SO14Table_Soper.jpg
SO14Table__Displays.jpg SO14Table__Blue_Brown.jpg

Thank You to All Displayers

By Anne Blackmore

We had 27 tables for members to appreciate!


SO14Mountaineer_Table.jpg SO14Table-_Red_White_Blue.jpg
SO14TableGhosts.jpg SO14Table_Thumbprint.jpg



Top left:  Moonstone-A-10" three-dolphin bowl made in the 1930s, decorated by Otto Gertler in a style of Pennsylvania German tradition

Row 2 left:  Fenton #349 10" Ruby oval cut candlesticks

Row 3 left:  Amber Stretch Big Cookies basket made circa 1920s

Bottom left:  #G-70 pancake lamp, Ruby satin etched with swans, circa 1931

Below right:  Amberina iced tea or lemonade set with #222 Rib Optic tankard pitcher, Royal Blue handle and coasters

Bottom right: #G-70 pancake lamp,Blue Opalescent Satin Coin Spot, circa 1931

More information about these unusual pieces can be found in this issue of The Fenton Flyer

SO14_Ruby_Cut.jpg SO14_Amberina.jpg




The Fenton Barometer:  Dismal Sales in June and July--Maybe Some Better Weather This Fall

By Doug McIntosh


Right:  June 13, Blue Carnival Butterfly and Fern pitcher, $687, 25 bids

Below left:  July 18, Blue Opalescent Coin Dot one-horn epergne, $580, 6 bids

Below center:  June 27, one-of-a-kind Robin Spindler "Cat" scene vase, $684, 28 bids

Below bottom:  June 20, Amethyst Carnival Hearts and Flowers plate, $633, 24 bids

Right center:  June 6, rare Marigold/White Carnival Orange Tree bowl, $849, 12 bids

Right bottom:  July 25, Rosalene Cameo sand-carved vase, Artist's Proof, "Spring" design carved by Chris Carpenter, $565, 9 bids 

SO14_Blue_Dot_Epergne.jpg SO14_Orange_Tree_Bowl.jpg
SO14_Cat_Vase.jpg SO14_Kelsey_Pink_Vase.jpg

It's Our Silver Anniversary!!!

2015 NFGS Convention

July 25, 26, 27

Celebrating 25 Years

Fenton - Fellowship - Fun


Knowing the Fenton Fan Vase Flower Block

By Anne Blackmore

Right:  Fenton #1502 Green Diamond Optic fan vase - the frog is not Fenton

Row 4 left:  Fenton #570 Rose fan vase with matching frog 

Row 4 right:  Fenton #576 fan vase in Green with matching frog 

Row 5 left:  Fenton #570 Celeste Blue Stretch fan vase with matching frog

 Row 5 right:  Fenton #570 fan vase in Topaz Stretch with matching flower frog


Right:  Green frog is not Fenton                     Celeste Blue frog is Fenton

Below:  Fenton #570 frog in Crystal, designed to be used with a Persan Pearl fan vase


SO14Crystal_Frog.jpg SO14_Blue_Frog.jpg
SO14_Pink_vase_frog_out.jpg SO14_Fen_Green_vase_frog_out.jpg
SO14_Blue_Vase_frog_out.jpg SO14_Topaz_Vase_wFrog.jpg

Fears of Bad Weather Keeping You From the Valley Gem Riverboat Dinner Cruise?  Please Reconsider

By Anne Blackmore

Even the threatening skies over the MuskigumRiver in Ohio, didn't dampen the spirits of the members who rode out the storm on the upper deck.  Tim E. used a broom to to push the water off the upper deck canopy.  A good time was had by all!


SO14_Clouds_wFlag.jpg SO14_Survivors_1.jpg

Fenton Archaeology -- Exceptional Early Fenton Found On Line or in the Wild

By Anne Blackmore 


Right:  Silver Crest #1561 Apple Tree Pitcher

Below top:  Wisteria #66 Lemon Tray, uniridized

Below bottom:  Peacock Vase, 10-inch, Cameo Opalescent, circa 1926-27

Right row 2:  Chinese Yellow Bath Set Bottles, Moonstone Stoppers

Right row 3:  Aquamarine Console set with Flower Frog - Sold on eBay - $109.16, 5 bids

Right bottom:  Ruby Stretch Glass #349 10-inch Cut Oval Candlesticks 









Fantastic Post-1940 Fenton Finds From eBay and Elsewhere

By Anne Blackmore

Right:  Reverse Pattern Vasa Murrhina #6464 Cream Pitcher

Row 2 left:  Light Blue Overlay Maize Pattern Rose Bowl for L. G. Wright, eBay    

Bottom left:  Rose with Adventurine Green Vasa Murrhina 6-inch, #7530, Whimsey Vase

Row 2 right:  Fruits & Dots on Milk Glass #93 Powder Box

Row 3 right:  Fenton Sage Mist Happiness Bird made for NFGS

Row 4 right:  Green Opalescent Waffle Pattern, set of Five Pieces 

SO14_Blue_Corn_Bowl.jpg SO14Charleton_Box2.jpg
SO14_Vasa_Dad_2.jpg SO14_Sage_Mist_Bird.jpg

Seminar by Dave Rawson--Information on Sandcarving at Fenton

By Anne Blackmore

Dave Rawson worked at Fenton for over 30 years.  He was taught the fine art of sandcarving by Richard Delaney.  Eventually he was reporting to Bill Fenton and working on special projects. 

SO14_Black_Vase.jpg SO14_Red_Console.jpg

Buyer Beware - Fenton Crested Ware?  Absolutely Not!

By Anne Blackmore


Right: Close-ups of old A & A designs vs. new    A & A designs.  The top two images are of A & A imported in the 1970s.  The bottom two can currently be found on the A & A Importing website.

Below left:  Comparison of the A & A Importing and Fenton foot or marie.   

Row 2 left:  Blue bowl with a white crest is currently available on the A & A Importing website.

Bottom left:  Lighter Blue bowl with Crystal crest was sold by A & A Importing in the 1970s.

Row 2 right:  Red bowl with a white crest is currently available on the A & A Importing website.

Bottom right:  Red/Pink bowl with Crystal crest was sold by A & A Importing in the 1970s.



SO14_Blue_Bowl.jpg SO14_Rose_Bowl.jpg



Stretch Glass Society Convention

July 22 - 24, 2015


Make plans now to attend the 25th Annual NFGS Convention July 25, 26, & 27, 2015.

Exclusive Glass * Seminars * Banquet Dinner Cruise * Bingo * Glass Displays



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