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NFGS Annual Mice for 2015

By Sharon Fenner

Once again the NFGS is offering two annual mice.  First is the Cobalt and Milk Glass slag which is available for $29.  Next is the satinized Aubergine mouse available for $25.  These are available only to members renewing for the 2015 membership year, limited to one of each per household (Primary member), on a first come, first serve basis.  There is no choice regarding the slag mouse, but I'm sure you will be pleased.  As you can see in the pictures below, each is a one-of-a-kind!!  Quantities are limited - renew early to ensure receiving your 2015 annual mice.  Renewals will be accepted immediately.  

ND14_3_Mice_front_373.jpg ND14_3_mice_back_373.jpg

NFGS Annual Holiday Glass Offering

By Sharon Fenner

Just in time for your winter decorating or holiday gift-giving we offer a "Deer" mouse and your choice of Snowmen.  CC Hardman created and hand-painted the cute little mouse with a big buck in a clearing on our Aubergine mouse.  The Mary Gregory style design really stands out on Aubergine.  Two trees on his back complete the design.  The Aubergine mice were pressed at the Fenton Art Glass Company in 2007.  

Next we have a choice of Dave Fetty blown snowmen.  They were created with Crystal glass, rolled in white frit, giving them an interesting look.  They were made at Fenton's Collectibles in Republic, MO and have Dave's Fenton's Collectibles stamp.  Also, Dave will hand-sign each one.  CC Hardman created these adorable designs.  The snowman on the left has a natural design including pine boughs, bunnies, and a chickadee.

We will begin taking orders November 4th.


The snowman on the right has the more traditional design with a bright blue scarf and mittens.  The cardinal on his hat thinks it is a great place to perch.



Are you looking for the perfect gift for your Fenton collecting friend?  How about a membership to the NFGS for 2015?  One size fits all!  They will be reminded of your thoughtfulness six times next year as they glean collecting information from The Fenton Flyer!  A card will be sent from the NFGS office informing them of your awesome gift.

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Check out the mitten with the snowflake design!



Our Apologies


In the September/October Flyer's spread of the 2014 Convention Display Tables, we inadvertantly omitted a picture of this table.





May your holidays be

bright and beautiful, while

filled with warmth and love.

May your new year be

healthy, happy and

full of great Fenton finds!


At left is a 2005 one-sided catalog insert encouraging fund raising using Fenton ornaments that can be sandcarved with your choice of design.




Stay up to date on information regarding our  25th Annual NFGS Convention!  The convention committee will share that in The Fenton Flyer.

ND14_BLue_Tiffin_STicks.jpg ND14_Crystal_Tiffin.jpg
ND14Blue_Tiffin_COmport.jpg ND14ConCora.jpg

Just 'Cuz it Says Fenton...

By Anne Blackmore

Top row (left): Tiffin Blue Opalescent Rose Candlesticks; sold for $161.00  (right)  Tiffin Crystal Satin #310 Open Work Comport

Row two (left):  Tiffin Sky Blue Satin #315 High Foot Comport  (right)  Consolidated Con-Cora     6-1/2 inch Cookie Jar

Row three (right):  Imperial Covered Comport with Dolphin Handles

Row four (left):  Boyd "Lady Louise" Doll Figurine  (right)  Fenton Jade Covered Comport with Dophin Handles

The author shares much information to aid in determining the maker of the glass shown.  If you know your Fenton shapes, you will be less likely to purchase a mis-labeled piece, and more likely to find a Fenton rarity.  "Know your Fenton shapes!!"

ND14_Boyd_Doll.jpg ND14_Jade_Comport.jpg

Keeping Your Eyes Open... for the Rare and Ultra Rare

By John Walk


Right:  Blue Opalescent Coin Dot one-horn epergne

Below left:  Aqua Crest Covered Candy

Below right:  Golden Rod 12-inch fan vase and condiment set

Center left:  Open Melon Candy in Topaz Opalescent Hobnail

ND14_Covd_Dish.jpg  ND14_Goldenrod.jpg

Below left:  Ruby Overlay Dot Optic (Small Dots)  To the author's knowledge, this is the only time Fenton ever used this #2467 Jug mould.

Below right:  Topaz Opalescent Hobnail Cookie Jar with Handle

ND14Cranberry_Set.jpg ND14_Topaz_Jar.jpg



The Wealth of Information in Old Glass Magazines

By AnneBlackmore

At right is a Fenton ad from the July 1986 issue of Glass Review.   Magazines are a great source of information!   


Fenton On Facebook?  Yup, Even for Septuagenarians!

By Doug McIntosh

It's amazing how much information can be gleaned during a visit to Facebook!






Indianapolis Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument ice cream bowl 

Pair of Fenton lamps.  Left:  Jade and Lilac.  Right:  Green Satin Georgian styling 

Aqua Opalescent Holly plate

Blue Goddess of Harvest bowl

Grecian Gold bath set in ormolu holder

ND14_Goddess_of_Harvest_Blue.jpg ND14_IN_Monument.jpg
ND14_Holly_Aqua_Opal_Plate.jpg ND14_Two_Lamps.jpg


The Fenton Barometer:  Collecting Ground Saturated

By Doug McIntosh

Right:  Blue Plaid Carnival bowl; $775; 15 bids

Below:  (left) 9-inch Marigold 'Cooleemee' Heart and Vine advertising plate; $3650; 5 bids      (right) #549 eight-inch Flame/Cobalt candlesticks; $898; 24 bids

Row 3: (left) OOAK #5165 Burmese cat hand-painted by 'Jim E.'; $399.99; 2 bids            (right) OOAK #5165 Black cat HP by CC Hardman; $697; 44 bids 

ND14_SouvPlate.jpg ND14_Flame_Sticks.jpg
ND14_Cat_with_tree.jpg ND14_Cat_with_Tiger_art.jpg

Below:  4-piece set, 1992 'Christmas at Home' series; $675; 34 bids                                              Right:  Cranberry Opalescent Coin Dot seven-piece water set; $423; 18 bids                                ND14_Deer_Winter_set.jpg


Just for Laughs

The non-Fenton hobnail vase was spotted at an antique shop.  

ND14_Bumpy_thing2.jpg ND14_Bumpy_thing-tag.jpg 


In a recent issue of The Flyer a variety of Fenton's #898 large vase were shown.  A reader submitted a photo of this Spiral Optic Blue Opalescent example produced in about 1939.

More on the Value of Old Glass Magazines

By Anne Blackmore


Above:  Several different styles of children's pitchers made by Fenton for Sears in appoximately 1910.


The water or lemonade set shown here is very difficult to find, especially with the strawberry motif.  The tumblers are very elusive.


The MidAmerica Fenton Gala 

(gala, n., a festive occasion or celebration)

By Doug McIntosh


Several NFGS members attended the FFGKC Gala.  They enjoyed a seminar given by Melvin Lampton on custom lamps; Glass ID with Melvin Lampton, Anne & Max Blackmore; bead making with Jena Blair and George Fenton; an extensive display of Fenton lamps; and pumpkin centerpieces created at Fenton's Collectibles.

ND14_Glass_ID_Gala_14.jpg ND14_Jena_George_-_373.jpg
ND14_Lamp_Display-373.jpg ND14_Fenton_Coll_Pumpkins.jpg

My Glass Angel 

By Anne Blackmore


Very first piece of Fenton Art Glass, a Silver Crest cake plate.

It's Our Silver Anniversary!!!

2015 NFGS Convention

July 25, 26, 27

Celebrating 25 Years

Fenton - Fellowship - Fun


Do You Know Where That Cat Has Been?

By Anne Blackmore


Right:  Muncie Pottery Company sugar in the Ruba Rombic pattern.  Designed by Reuben Haley.

Below left:  Ruba Rombic decanter in Jade glass, designed by Reuben Haley for Consolidated Glass

Below right:  Two views of an opal (milk glass)creamer in Jonathan Haley's Monkey pattern.





Below left:  Tiffin satin black cat, "Sassy Suzy", with painted face and toes

Below right:  Fenton Alley Cat with painted beach scene, designed and painted by Kim Barley

Bottom left:  Fenton's "Cleo-catra"

Bottom right:  Fenton Blue Iridized Alley Cat

ND14_Tiffin_Black_Cat.jpg ND14_Palm_Tree_Cat.jpg
ND14_Ptd_Cat_-_Fenton.jpg ND14_Blue_Cat.jpg

Fantastic Post-1940 Fenton Finds From eBay and Elsewhere

By Anne Blackmore


Orange Slice Fenton Ghost, 'Grinner'; $266.39; 37 bids

#7213 Flame Crest Tall Footed Cake Plate; $531.99; 34 bids

#7269 Aqua Crest Oil Cruet; spotted in a thrift store

#7272 Golden Rod Candlesticks

Fenton for Rubel Emerald Crest P-56 Bowl; this item didn't receive a bid

Aqua Opalescent Tobacco Jar Swung Vase, 50 vases were made for Levay Glass







Fenton Archaeology -- Exceptional Early Fenton Found On Line or in the Wild

By Anne Blackmore 



Aquamarine Stretch #1562 "Canoe" Bowl; made between the late 1920s and early 1930s

Set of Five Chocolate Waterlily & Cattails Tumblers; did not sell on eBay

Ruby #184 Cut Vase, 12-inches tall; made between 1931 and 1933

Crystal Plymouth Jigger; hard to find; $19.99; eBay Buy it Now







Tales From Kriner's Korner

By Carolyn Kriner


Autumn Gold Opalescent sample items, probably made in 2006-07

Right:  5-inch pitcher, Rib Optic, opalescent square handle

Below left:  9-inch vase, Fern Optic, tri-crimped top

Below right:  10-inch vase, Eye Dot pattern

ND14_Cameo_Feather_Vase.jpg ND14_Cameo_Dot_Vase.jpg


Stretch Glass Society Convention

July 22 - 24, 2015


Make plans now to attend the 25th Annual NFGS Convention July 25, 26, & 27, 2015.

Exclusive Glass * Seminars * Banquet Dinner Cruise * Bingo * Glass Displays



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