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2015 membership year, on a first come, first serve basis.  The quantities are limited.

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NFGS Annual Mice for 2015

By Sharon Fenner

Once again the NFGS is offering two annual mice.  First is the Cobalt and Milk Glass slag which is available for $29.  Next is the satinized Aubergine mouse available for $25.  These are available only to members renewing for the 2015 membership year, limited to one of each per household (Primary member), on a first come, first serve basis.  There is no choice regarding the slag mouse, but I'm sure you will be pleased.  As you can see in the pictures below, each is a one-of-a-kind!!  Quantities are limited - renew early to ensure receiving your 2015 annual mice.  Renewals will be accepted immediately.  

ND14_3_Mice_front_373.jpg ND14_3_mice_back_373.jpg

2015 Raffle - A Blast From the Past!

By Sharon Fenner

Read all about these two items on the front cover of The Fenton Flyer! Tickets are $4 each or 3 for $10 for these one-of-a-kind treasures.






Our 2015 Souvenir Has Landed!

By Sharon Fenner

The souvenir for 2015 is the NFGS emblem - the 5197 Happiness Bird.  Made by the Mosser Glass Company in Ocean Blue Iridized, only 100 are available to NFGS members.  The iridization on this bird is awesome; almost impossible to photograph!  The souvenir is available to all members for $45.  It may be picked up during the convention or shipped following convention.  Place your order soon to ensure receiving one of these before they fly out of the office!



The writer shares an interesting account of how "just a few" Alley Cats take over his house!


Keeping Your Eyes Open!

By John Walk


Over the years, I have enjoyed finding items made by Fenton, That I call "Never-Meant-To-Be's." 

Center front is a Rose Pastel Daisy and Button hat.  At left is a French Opalescent Spiral Optic Barcelona Flip Vase, with Cobalt Rosettes on either side.  To the right is a Blue Opalescent Dolphin-Handled Fan Vase.  Above is proof there are still unusual and unlisted items to be found!



Just 'Cuz it Says Fenton...

By Anne Blackmore


There areway too many pieces out there mis-labeled as Fenton.  Here area few more examples:


Clockwise:  Jefferson Drape Optic Vase; Indiana Glass Modern Carnival 10-inch Tall Basket; Westmoreland Almond #1902-4 Covered Powder; Northwood pink and White Spatter Pitcher; U. S. Glass/Tiffin Carrara #310 9-inch Bowl; L. E. Smith Crystal Hobnail Fan Vase


The author shares much information to aid in determining the maker of the glass shown.  If you know your Fenton shapes, you will be less likely to purchase a mis-labeled piece, and more likely to find a Fenton rarity.  "Know your Fenton shapes!!"





M-J_15_5_Northwood_PItcher.jpg M-J_15_5_Westmoreland_Cov_Dish.jpg

Still Wavering About Whether to Attend Convention?

By Anne Blackmore

Informational Seminars and Table displays!!

M-J_15_6_Bead_Seminar.jpg M-J_15_6__Saffel_Seminar.jpg


JA14_Hammer.jpg   M-J_15_9-bingo.jpg

                  Auctions!                        Bingo!!

Sternwheeler Dinner Cruise



Glass Sales at the Williamstown Elementary School and Room Sales at the Quality Inn

So little time, so much to do!


2015 Convention Pin  ............  By Ken Stohler

The 1 1/2-inch pin features a silver NFGS bird.




All's Well That Ends Well  ..........By Millie Coty

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Get all the details in the May/June 2015 issue of the Flyer.


Just Plain Lucky?  .... By Anne Blackmore

The author shares the advantages of absorbing the information available in books on glass.


Turtle Aquariums, Too often Overlooked

By Steve Duncan


Above:  Rose turtle with flower block insert.

Below:  Black turtle with Bubble Optic aquarium.


Above:  Green turtle with shell insert, creating a candy box.

Below:  Green turtle with Diamond Optic aquarium.

M-J_15_11_Turtle_4.jpg M-J_15_11_Turtle_1.jpg


Below:  Wisteria opalescent "Rose Spray" (or "Wild Rose") goblet.                                           Right:  #894 vase mould lamp base in chinese Yellow, with a cutting reminiscent of poppies.  Center left:  #893 ginger jar mould in Moonstone, with a cutting resembling an iris.                      Center right:  #893 ginger jar mould lamp in the Silvertone etched pattern.                                  Bottom left:  French Opalescent Buttons and Braids lamp from the #894 vase mould.           Bottom right:  Fenton Green Opalescent Drapery Optic lamp with a milk glass base.   

M-J_15_12_Cut_Opal_Lamp.jpg M-J_15_12_Silvertone_Etch.jpg
M-J_15_12_Feather_Lamp.jpg M-J_15_12_Green_drape_optic.jpg

The Fenton Barometer-- a Little More Sunshine for Sellers

By Doug McIntosh

Right:  Victorian Topaz Opalescent Stretch four-ring 10-inch vase with Cobalt handles and applied crest; $2,701; 5 bidders; 8 bids

Below left:  Marigold Carnival Peacock and Urn 9-inch plate; $1,136; 14 bidders; 55 bids      Below right:  7-inch Ruby Carnival Vintage bowl; $560; 13 bidders; 33 bids

Center left:  L. G. Wright Moon and Stars 23-inch lamp; $666; 3 bidders; 8 bids                               Center right:  Royal Blue Carnival 9 3/4-inch Blueberry pitcher; $1,036; 10 bidders; 22 bids

Bottom left:  1920's #3008 11-inch Mosaic vase; $1,525; 6 bidders; 29 bids                                      Bottom right top:  1920s Blue w/ Black Hanging Hearts covered candy; $800; 6 bidders; 12 bids Bottom right bottom:  7-inch Cherry Red Carnival Persian Medallion two-handled bon-bon; $525.88; 4 bidders; 11 bids

M-J_15_13_Peacock_Plate.jpg M-J_15_13_Red_Bowl.jpg
M-J_15_13_Moon_Stars.jpg M-J_15_13_Blueberry_Pitcher.jpg
M-J_15_13_Mosaic_Vase.jpg M-J_15_13_Hang_Hearts_Candy.jpgM-J_15_13_Persian_Medallion.jpg


Fantastic Post - 1940 Fenton Finds From eBay and Elsewhere

By Anne Blackmore

Below: Blue Pastel Lamb's Tongue #4381 Cov. Candy Dish; opening bid $169;didn't sell

Left center:  Violets in the Snow #5155 Frog Figurine; opening bid $175; did not sell

Bottom left:  Opaque Green Vase made for Edward Paul Company; $17.39; 3 bids




Below:  Flame Crest Two-Tiered Tid-Bit Tray; $152. 50; 29 bids

Below center:  #1722 Lime Opalescent Ivy Ball on Black Base; opening bid $150; did not sell

Bottm right:  #7290, Silver Turquoise Hurricane Lamp; $224.99; 1 bid

M-J_15_14_Blue_Lambs_Tongue_Jar.jpg M-J_15_14_FLame_Crest_Tidbit.jpg


M-J_15_14_Kitchen_Green_Vase.jpg M-J_15_14_Silver_Turq_Lamp.jpg

Book Review - A Look at Mid-Century Glass

By Millie Coty

A must-have book for mid-century modern enthusiasts; Dean Six has presented a well-written and researched book on american book.

Title:  Mid-Century Modern Glass in America

Author:  Dean Six with Paul Eastwood

Hardcover: 272 pages

Publisher:  Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. (www.schifferbooks.com)

Published:  First Edition (December 28, 2014)

Photographs:  573 color & 119 b/w

Price:  $39.99

ISBN-13:  978-0764347443


Be the Best Collector You Can Be

By Anne Blackmore

The author offers many "great tips" for the best collecting experience.  Referenced was a recently purchased book, Confusing Collectibles, a Guide to the Identification of Reproductions, by Dorothy Hammond.  To be a good glass collector takes time, effort and constance vigilance.      

Pictured is a vase often advertised as Fenton.  The seller has applied a "Retired Fenton" sticker to it in an attempt to pass it off as Fenton. 


Take Time to Dig Down

By Anne Blackmore

Below:  Crystal Flowered Windows luncheon plate turned up on three sided to create a three-sided whimsy.


Below:  Crystal Flowered Windows luncheon plate with Marietta Land Office artwork.



A Fenton Gem--and a mystery solved!

By Doug McIntosh

Right:  Another interesting piece made from the #9596 two-way votive candleholder.  This item was special order.  Below is the picture from the Mar./Apr. issue of the Flyer.




Logo ID for Flyer Readers

By Anne Blackmore

Logo of Imperial Glass used 1951 - 1972


It's Our Silver Anniversary!!!

2015 NFGS Convention

July 25, 26, 27

Celebrating 25 Years

Fenton - Fellowship - Fun


Buyer Beware -                                                The Fenton Stag and Holly Bowl Reproduction or Real?  Or, is that Stag a Stud or a Dud? 

By Anne Blackmore

Right:  Genuine, early Fenton Carnival finish Stag and Holly 7-inch bowl.  Genuine Fenton Carnival bowl with Spade or Spatula style feet.

Below left:  Genuine Fenton - tongue outside mouth, and berries are the same on two holly branches, then reversed on the other two.  Group of six berries looks natural.

Below right:  Reproduction Mandarin-ish - shows no tongue, and berries are the same on all holly branches.  Berries on lowest set of leaves, and grouping of six berries is very organized. 

Bottom: Reproduction Irid. White Opalescent - shows tongue inside mouth, and the berries are the same on all four holly branches.  There are no berries the lowest set of leaves.  The grouping of  six berries is very organized.  













Logo ID for Flyer Readers - - The Imperial IG Logo

By Anne Blackmore

Right:  The Green and Custard covered chicken on nest seen at an antique mall.  This is not a Fenton piece.

Below left:  Erroneous tag on the base of this Imperial chicken on nest.

Below right:  Extreme close-up of the Imperial Glass logo embossed in the green lid of the chicken top.


    Imperial logo

M-J_15_21_Imperial_Chicken_3.jpg M-J_15_21_Imperial_Chicken.jpg

Another Buyer Beware - Jade Hatpin Holders...... By Anne Blackmore

Below:  Fenton Button and Berry hatpin holder



Below:  Not Fenton - Modern reproduction


Fenton Archaeology -- Exceptional Early Fenton Found On Line or in the Wild

By Anne Blackmore 

Below left:  Charleton-Decorated Powder Box and Large Perfume; $76.88; 13 bids; 8 bidders

Center left:  White Carnival Apple Tree Pitcher; spotted in an upper Midwest antique mall

Bottom left:  Moonston #901 7-inch Dancing Ladies Covered Urn; $431.76; 4 bids

Below right:  Black #844 Flower Finial 1-Pound Candy Box; $255; Buy It Now option

Center right:  #200 7-Inch Triangular Crimped Scenic Vase; didn't meet reserve - didn't sell

Bottom right:  Victorian Topaz Stretch Glass Rib Optic Vase with Handles; $2,701; 5 bidders




M-J_15_24_Moonstone_Covered.jpg M-J_15_24_Topaz_Rib_Optic_Vase.jpg


Stretch Glass Society Convention

July 22 - 24, 2015


Make plans now to attend the 25th Annual NFGS Convention July 25, 26, & 27, 2015.

Exclusive Glass * Seminars * Banquet Dinner Cruise * Bingo * Glass Displays



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