May - June 2022


Introducing the NFGS Convention Souvenir for 2022

By Sharon Fenner

Our souvenir of 2022 is a Loggerhead Shrike designed and hand-painted by former Fenton Gift Shop Artist Susan Bryan. Using a Mosser Glass Marble Happiness Bird as a canvas, the pictures don't do this creation justice. The attention to detail is amazing!

The Loggerhead Shrike is listed on the Registration Form enclosed with this issue of the Fenton Flyer. They one per household for $89.00. 


MJ22-1-SHRIKE-BACK374.jpg MJ22-1-SHRIKE-FRT374.jpg



Happy_Mothers_Day-purple_tulips.jpg Happy_Fathers_Day-colors.jpg


Convention Registration Raffle Exclusives for 2022

By Sharon Fenner

First is a Fenton Emerald Green NFGS mouse designed and hand-painted by Truda Mendenhall in a one-of-a-kind whimsical Winter design. 

Next is a Mosser Glass Marble satin NFGS Working Elephant designed and hand-painted in a very colorful OOAK design by CC Hardman.


Finally is a Fenton Art Glass 5165 Cat on the fount designed and hand-painted by Vicki Curren in a one-of-of-kind Calico cat in a garden of gem-embellished flowers. 

These items are listed on the Registration Form included with this issue of the Fenton Flyer. Tickets are $4.00 each or 3 for $10.00. Members may purchase as many tickets as they wish. The drawing will held be July 25 following the Banquet. You need not be present to win.


20220402_elephant_back-_374.jpg 20220402_elephant_lft_-_374.jpg
20220402_VC-CAT_FONT-FRT_-_374.jpg 20220402_VC-CAT_FONT-BACK_-_374.jpg


February and March eBay Sales:           A Surprise or Two

By Doug McIntosh


Below: 18-inch Burmese GWTW lamp with a delicate 'Bluebird' design; $2550.00; Buy-It-Now listing.

Below bottom: 8-inch Burmese melon vase with floral decoration and a Don Fenton facimile signature, from the 2001 QVC line; $1950.00; 17 bids; 6 bidders.


Top right: 1950s Milk Glass and Black 5156 fish; $1495.00; 48 bids; 18 bidders.

Right center:  Milk Glass-cut-toAubergine Murphy/Bomkamp Cameo 9.5-inch vase, their 'Spring Fairy' design; $1100.00; Buy-It-Now sale; original price $1100.00.

Right bottom:  Plum Opalescent Hobnail bowl and pitcher; 24-ounce pitcher, 11.75-inch bowl; $950.00; Buy-It-Now sale.












Thank you!

Terri and John Pjura donated a sample color disc signed by Jon Saffell to the NFGS. It can be seen in the showcase in the NFGS office.

Jon designed the NFGS mouse.

NFGS Annual Convention Pin

The 1.5" X 1.5" pin features the Bald Eagle figurine designed and hand-painted by Robin Spindler.

The pin is listed on the Registration Form and is available for $8.00 to NFGS members.






Below, Row 1, left: #3 creamer and sugar set in Aquamarine transparent. This set is listed in Aquamarine Stretch glass and un-iridized with the #1502 Diamond Optic pattern, but this is the first plain set seen.

Below, Row 2, left:  unlisted Royal Blue #1663 tulip crimped bowl, first example seen.



Left, Row 3, #567 small 5" Rose transparent fan vase with an interior pattern of deep raised pyramids; has been called "Diamond Optic", and has been lumped in with the #1502 Diamond Optic pattern.

Left, bottom: #201 Ring optic 7" pitcher and 8 oz. tumbler set with an applied Black whimsy handle.

Right, top: #562 etched gold enameled vase in Rose transparent.

Right, bottom: Green Opalescent Ring Optic handled bottle (or lamp base).







By Becki Ann Selby


"I Love Lucy"  episode showing a Fenton Charleton decorated cologne bottle on the side table.

If you spot a piece of Fenton used as a prop, please send it in for our I-Spy column!




Critter Corner                                        By Becki Ann Selby

Fenton's 5177 Alley Cat was created by Reuben Haley in 1924 for the US Glass Company (also known as Tiffin), and called Sassy Susie. US Glass produced the Alley Cats in Black and White from 1924 to the mid-1940s. Fenton acquired the mould in the 1960s, but didn't put it into production until 1970. The cats stand 10.5-inches tall!




Unusual Fenton lamps: For Better or...

By Doug McIntosh


The latest creations of the creative California lamp maker(s).


MJ22-16-TOPAZ-DOT.jpg MJ22-16-TOPAZ.jpg
MJ22-16-CRAN-TALL.jpg MJ22-16-CRAN_SWIRL.jpg



JULY 23 - 24 - 25, 2022







Blast from the Past

Atlantic City, NJ Merchandise Mart from January, 1980 sent in by Milly Coty.


Please use the PDF to print the form, and mail it, along with your check to:

National Fenton Glass Soc.  P. O. Box 4008                        Marietta, OH  45750

Please print the Convention Registration form (right) and return it to the NFGS office.

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