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NFGS Annual Mice for 2015

By Sharon Fenner

Once again the NFGS is offering two annual mice.  First is the Cobalt and Milk Glass slag which is available for $29.  Next is the satinized Aubergine mouse available for $25.  These are available only to members renewing for the 2015 membership year, limited to one of each per household (Primary member), on a first come, first serve basis.  There is no choice regarding the slag mouse, but I'm sure you will be pleased.  As you can see in the pictures below, each is a one-of-a-kind!!  Quantities are limited - renew early to ensure receiving your 2015 annual mice.  Renewals will be accepted immediately.  

ND14_3_Mice_front_373.jpg ND14_3_mice_back_373.jpg

We hope you received this issue, but if not....

By Sharon Fenner

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Spring is in the Air with Delightful Exclusives!

By Sharon Fenner

This whimsical pair, the 5165 Cat and 5148 Mouse, was made at the Mosser Glass Company in Milk Glass.  They have been satinized, airbrushed, numbered, and hand-painted by Fenton Designer Kim Barley, at the Fenton Art Glass Company.  Limited to one of each per household, with the cat priced at $67 and the mouse at $65, plus shipping.  Below is our new  pendant in a fresh, spring,  Rose and Blue Vasa Murrhina with gold combination.  They are available for $70, shipping included.  All are very limited.  The cat and mouse are SOLD OUT!








NFGS Offers Congratulations

The NFGS proudly offers its congratulations to Kirsten M. Eichholz, on the publication of her first book, The Lost CaravanIt is available through Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format.


Intriguing New Use For Two Way leaf Votive Mould                                                  

The glassmaker turned down the large leaves of #9596 Two Way leaf Votive and applied a handle to create this basket.



Book Review:  Collectible Sugars & Creamers; Volume Two

By Anne Blackmore

Title:  Collectible Sugars & Creamers, An Identification Guide to American Glassware Volume Two:  Fenton - Heisey                                             Author:  Shelly Yergensen                                    Pages:  149                                                                       Copyright:  2014                                                    Publisher:  Maple Creek Media                                ISBN-13:  9780990739227                                 ISBN-10:  0990739228                                                 Email:  info@maplecreekmedia.com                         Website:  www.maplecreekmedia.com

Twenty-five pages are dedicated to Fenton sets.  The book is loaded with many quality photographs and original catalog reprints.

The author recommends this volume, and volume one of the series.  both are highly informative and a worthwhile purchase.


Just 'Cuz it Says Fenton...

By Anne Blackmore


Right:  Multi-Color Italian Four-Horn Epergne  This epergne was likely made in Italy.

Below left: Consolidated Regent Vase #8-C  The Charleton decoration is their "Roses and Bows" pattern circa 1950s.

Below right:  Northwood #706 Rainbow Line 8-5/8 inch Candlesticks, made in the 1920s.

The author shares much information to aid in determining the maker of the glass shown.  If you know your Fenton shapes, you will be less likely to purchase a mis-labeled piece, and more likely to find a Fenton rarity.  "Know your Fenton shapes!!"


MA15_5_MG_Consol_Charleton.jpg MA15_5_Non-Fenton_Sticks.jpg

Keeping Your Eyes Open!

By John Walk

Right:  Mulberry Overlay; Experimentqal Rubina Verde in Hobnail from the 1940s; & Ruby Overlay

Below:  Back - 1980s Forget-Me-Not-Blue Overlay and 1940's Mint Green Overlay for Weil; front - Blue Overlay and Rose Overlay

Below right:  Blue Overlay Dresser Set in Tiara (also known as Beaded Melon) and Peach Crest 10-inch basket in Tiara

MA15_6_Pastel_Overlays.jpg MA15_6_Melon_Pcs.jpg

Left:  Jamestown Blue Overlay, Rose Overlay Hobnail, Cranberry Opalescent Hobnail, and Green Adventurine Vasa Murrhina



Identifying Fenton's French Opalescent Hobnail

By Anne Blackmore

Right:  A mix of Fenton French Opalescent Hobnail and Anchor Hocking Moonstone.  The two divided dishes are Anchor Hocking, and the cornucopia, hat vase and shaker are Fenton. 

Below right:  Two Fenton #389 vases highlighting the differences in height, opalescence, and crimping.





Left:  Note the petal design on the foot of the Anchor Hocking goblet. 

Above:  Note the plain foot on the Fenton goblets.




Above:  Anchor Hocking's machine made glass all looks the same.  The shape is very consistent and they stack neatly together.  

Above:  The top powder box is Anchor Hocking's Moonstone.  The bottom is Fenton's French Oplaescent Hobnail.


Those Wrinkled Barcelona Vases - Diamond or Fenton?

By Anne Blackmore

Below left:  Fenton Barcelona vase #187 in Cranberry Opalescent Spiral Optic;  Right:  The seller's tag on this Diamond Glass-Ware black vase indicated it is made by Consolidated.   

Below - row 2:  Fenton #186 Barcelona vases.  Left:  French Opalescent Spiral Optic; Right:  Cranberry Opalescent Spiral Optic. 

Below - row 3:  Fenton #186 Barcelona vases.  Left:  Ivory Crest; right: Peach Blow.

Below - row 4:  Left:  Fenton #186 vase, smooth version,  Cranberry Polka dot pattern;          Right:  Fenton #166 Topaz Opalescent Dot Optic Barcelona vase.

Bottom row:  Diamond Glass-Ware Barcelona fan top vases.  Left:  Pink-based vasa murrhina style; Right:  Black-based mosaic-style vase.


MA15_9_FrOpal.jpg MA15_9_Cran_Vase.jpg
MA15_9_Ivory_Crest_Wrinkle.jpg MA15_9_Peach_Blow_vase.jpg
MA15_15_Cranberry_VAse.jpg MA15_Topaz_Coin_Dot.jpg
MA15_15_Pink_vase_2.jpg MA15_15_Diamond__Mosaic.jpg


This column, appearing in each issue, attemps to report unlisted early Fenton Art Glass. 


In this article, the authors examine the close connection between the glass production of the Fenton Art Glass Company and the H. Northwood Company.


Right:  Cherries and Blossoms enameled pitcher

Below left:  Northwood Jade Blue Turtle flower block                                                                             Below right: Northwood #724 oval bowl in Jade

Bottom row:  To learn more about these two items, check out page 10 of the March/April 2015 Fenton Flyer.   

MA15_10_Northwood_turtle.jpg MA15_10_Northwood_jade.jpg
MA15_10_Northwood_lamp3.jpg MA15_10_Fenton_red_vase.jpg


The Fenton Barometer-- Sunny for OOAKs, Otherwise Continued Cloudy

By Doug McIntosh

Right: 6 1/2-inch, Amethyst, 1910 Elks bowl; $910; 6 bidders

Below:  (left) 7 3/4-inch, Ruby Amberina Stag and Holly bowl; $612.40; 3 bidders

Below: (right)  9-inch, 3-horn, Green & White Slag # 3701 Hobnail epergne; $1,025.99; 4 bidders

Row 3:  (left)  7-inch, Marigold Carnival Butterfly and Berry Hatpin Holder; $667; 5 bidders     (right-top)  #5165 OOAK Tabby Cat by CC Hardman; $629.50; 5 bidders   

MA15_11_Stag_Holly.jpg MA15_11_Green_Epergne.jpg



Right:  #5165 OOAK Bengal Tiger cat by CC Hardman; $585; 5 bidders

Below (left):  OOAK #5065 Stylized Rosemilk cat by CC hardman; $362.78; 8 bidders

Below (right):  10-inch Karnak Hanging Heart vase; $5,000; 6 bidders

MA15_11_Pink_Cat.jpg MA15_11_Karnak.jpg

Fantastic Post-1940 Fenton Finds From eBay and Elsewhere

By Anne Blackmore

Right:  4 1/2-inch Milk Glass Bud Vase made from Small Epergne Horn, seen in Midwest Antique Shop 

Below left:  Topaz Opalescent Thumbprint 8-inch Vase; seen in Midwest Antique Shop 

Below right:  Five-Petal Blue Dogwood on Cameo Satin 7-inch vase; spotted in an Ohio Antique Shop 

Bottom left:  Cranberry Opalescent Spiral Optic #187 Barcelona Vase; found in Midwest Antique Mall  

Bottom right top:  Fenton Poppies Basket 6-Piece Progressive Set; did not sell on eBay  

Bottom right bottom:  French Opalescent Ring Optic 13-Piece Beverage Set;didn't sell on eBay

MA15_12_Topaz_Thumbprint_Vase.jpg MA15_12_Blue_Dogwood_vase.jpg





Learning About Our Collections Enhances Enjoyment

By Stephanie Bennett

[This article was first published in the February 2011 Stretch Glass Society Quarterly.  It has been adapted for use in the NFGS Fenton Flyer.]

Below:  Fenton worker, Frank Workman, reshaping an iridized vase to create the stretch effect.



Above:  Console set made by Diamond Glass-Ware, sold by Mongomery Ward through their 1925 - 1926 Winter Catalogue for $1.98.  Below:  Ad showing console set.

This 1924 promotional brochure was produced by the Northwood Company in Wheeling, WV, and is pictured in Harry Northwood the Wheeling Years, 1901-1925, by Wm. Heacock, et al.                  MA15_13_Steph_2.jpg


Logo ID for Flyer Readers

By Anne Blackmore

Logo of the Federal Glass Company


It's Our Silver Anniversary!!!

2015 NFGS Convention

July 25, 26, 27

Celebrating 25 Years

Fenton - Fellowship - Fun


Is This "Rare" Piece Listed on eBay Really Fenton?

By Anne Blackmore

Right:  Note, a layer of Crystal cases the ewer. 

Below:  (left) Fenton's #7459 Silver Crest vase.  Note the foot/marie on this vase.                       (right) Non-fenton Milk Glass ewer seen on eBay.

Bottom:  (left)  Plain handle on the non-Fenton ewer.  Fenton pieces use a reeded or bamboo/crimped handle.  (right)  The ewer seems to have a crest in some photos, and in others no crest.  The crest may be an artifact of casing with the outer/Crystal layer of glass. 


MA15_14_Fenton_SC_Vase.jpg MA15_14_MG_Ewer_1.jpg



Joy of Finding Real Thing After Seeing Old Advertisement

By Anne Blackmore

Below right:  1930s Butler Brothers catalog advertisement.

Below:  Fenton's #100 Wide Rib set in Black.

MA15_14_Wide_Ring_Black_Ad.jpg MA15_14_Wide_Ring_Black_Cr_Sug.jpg

"Knowing Your Shapes" Finally pays Off

By Anne Blackmore

Right:  Fenton Jade #1565 turtle base and Diamond Optic #1538 aquarium

Below: Fenton Diamond Optic #1538 aquarium


Right:  Aquarium assembled for display                     MA15_15_Aquarium.jpg


An Amazing Find...But is it Fenton or Not?

By Anne Blackmore

Right:  Fenton #1639 batter jug with heavy silver overlay.

Below left:  Close-up view of the decorated New Martinsville #34 "Addie" tumblers.                     Right:  Six-piece black beverage set with heavy silver overlay.  Pieces are both Fenton and New Martinsville.

MA15_16_Fenton_1639_Tumbler.jpgLeft:  Fenton's #1639 Black and Moonstone tumbler. 




Fenton Archaeology -- Exceptional Early Fenton Found On Line or in the Wild

By Anne Blackmore 

Right:  Ruby Stretch #621 Cupped Vase with decorative gold trim

Below:  Ruby # 601 Cut Ovals Cupped Bowl

Row 2 left:  Velva Rose #1512 Bowl from Ringed Flower Pot

Row 2 right:  Tangerine Turtle-Shaped Floral Block, #1564





Below:  Pekin Blue #249 "Portly" Candlestick, circa 1932 - 1933                                                                                                                                                Right:  Persian Pearl Perfume from #54 Vanity Set, decoratedMA15_20_Pekin_candlestick.jpg



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