Mar.-Apr. '11

This page is designed to complement The Fenton FlyerThe Fenton Flyer is printed in black and white, with color highlights on several pages, but without full color photos.  We hope the members of the NFGS enjoy viewing the photos in color, and the visitors to the NFGS website enjoy them and are curious to learn more about the articles they represent.  To learn more about the NFGS or to join, please visit the Membership page by clicking on the title in the panel on the left or on the bottom of this page.


Below are the photos that appear in the Mar. - Apr. 2011 issue of the Fenton Flyer.

 Opportunity to own an exclusive "Artistry" vase



The Board of Directors of the NFGS agreed in November to purchase one of the "Artistry" vases to offer to members in a raffle.  There is no way to convey what an awesome work of art this is.  Individuals included on this vase are Frank and Bill Fenton, Louise Piper, Dave Fetty, Frank Workman, Ron Dick, Chris Carpenter and others.  Add to that, the tools and equipment used by these craftsmen.  Please refer to the article in the Flyer for details regarding what is included with the vase.  Included with this Flyer is an insert.  Chances can be purchased for $25 for one, $67.50 for three and $100 for five.  The lucky winner's name will be drawn March 31, 2011.  The raffle is open to NFGS members only.  

 Celebrate Spring NFGS Style!
Below are pictures of our offering for Easter/Spring - "Spring Dreams".  Michelle Kibbe came up with this bright and cheery design which is sure to melt away the winter blues.  For our Premium Members we have a shiny Burmese mouse and for all members we offer the shiny Chocolate duckling.  Please note the mouse in the picture is a satinized mouse, but the mouse you receive will be shiny Burmese.  You are viewing the artist's sample.  The price is $31 each.  Please order early as these are very limited.  You can't beat No-Cal Chocolate as an Easter gift.  The Burmese mouse will be a cheerful addition to your mouse collection.

3411MouseDuck_FRONT.JPG 3411MouseDuckBacks.JPG


Here we have the 2011 Premium Membership mice.  This year you are offered choice of a Buttercup mouse or Orange Slice mouse.  Please renew your membership to insure getting the mouse of your choice.  We are pleased to be able to offer two mice in the most recently introduced colors.  They will stand out in your collection of NFGS mice!!


Frank Would Have Loved This.... by Thomas K Smith

"It's what's on the inside that counts."  This 7232 Ivy Ball shape is scarce in Silver Crest, Peachblow or Milk Glass, but this one is obviously a sample about the size of a thermos.  It has a Jamestowm Blue casing on the inside.  The YOP's are 1956-1958 which would fit for a Jamestown sample. 


A Horse, of Course!!  The Start of a New Fenton collector ............by Gloria Crinklaw

Two year old Malachi Coons looks over his Fenton rocking horses before going to bed.
3411Crinklaw2.JPG 3411RockHorses.JPG

Fenton Helps Healing of Broken Hearts ...... by Ed Herb


An article appeared in the September/October 2009 issue of the Fenton Flyer regarding the use of the NFGS bride and groom mice as a cake topper for our oldest son Jason and his wife Liz.  In the January/February 2010 President's Message the sudden passing of Liz was noted.  

After a period of time, my wife Beth and I approached Fenton Featured Artist, Susan Bryan, about the creation of the Liz alley cat.  The criteria was that it incorporates a ribbon collar, a Liz medallion and hydrangeas as those were the wedding flowers.  We are very pleased with the cat and wish to share photographs of the Liz Alley Cat with the club.  

 3411LizCatFace.JPG 3411LizCat3.JPG

Keeping Your Eyes Open...  By John Walk

One of the greatest love affairs had to be that of Gary Levi and his company, Levay Glass.  He was an individual who possessed bundles of artistic talent and ideas as evidenced by the pictures of the pages posted below. 


 Left and Right:  Levay made extensive use of the Grape and Cable pattern.  Shown here is a bowl in blue carnival and a basket in Aqua Opalescent Carnival.  

Below:  An early ad for Levay Glass, featuring a carnival glass mug.  Next is a page titiled "LIMITED EDITION AQUA OPAL CARNIVAL GLASS".  Last, but certainly not least is a brochure showing a collection of Ruby Marble, "A limited Offering for the Antique Trade".  






2011 Yearlong Line has Something for Everyone!! ..  by  Tony Burgess

Are you crazy for cats?

Are you cuckoo for critters?

Clockwise from right:  6.5" HP Orange Slice bell; 7.5" Playful Blossom on Rose vase; Natural Cats Siamese cat; 4.5" American Key Lime vase; and Natural Birds Baltimore Oriole.



3411OSbell.JPG 3411PinkVase.JPG



The 21st annual convention of the National Fenton Glass Society will be held July 30, July 31 and August 1, 2011. 

Convention headquarters is the Comfort Inn, Marietta, OH.

For reservations phone 740-374-8190.  Request the special club rate.

eBay Finds......By Ckris Cord


Clockwise from center right:  Fenton HP Butterfly Fairy light  - Louise Piper; Plum Opalescent 3 Piece Fairy Light; 13" Silver Crest Violets in the Snow Fan Vase; Rare Aqua Crest Covered Candy Dish; Rare Plum Opalescent Large Hobnail Epergne


3411Plum_Hobnail_Epergne.JPG 3411Aqua_Crest_Covered_Candy.JPG



Off - eBay Finds.................... By Ckris Cord

Right: 7" Bittersweet Hanging Hearts Vase                         Below:  9" Wisteria lane Basket    Center: Burmese Diamond Lace Epergne                                               Bottom Right:  Plum Opalescent Hobnail Decanter with Six Small Wine Goblets