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This year we are offering a Crown Tuscan mouse for $29 and an Opal mouse for $25.  The mice were pressed at the Mosser Glass Company.  They are limited to one of each per household (Primary member) for the 2017 membership year, on a first come, first serve basis.  The quantities are limited.

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NFGS Annual Mice for 2017

By Sharon Fenner

Once again the NFGS is offering two annual mice.  First is Crown Tuscan which is available for $29.  Next is the Opal mouse available for $25.  Both colors of mice were made at the Mosser Glass Co.

These mice are available to members renewing for the 2017 membership year, limited to one of each per household (Primary member), on a first come, first serve basis. Quantities are limited - renew early to ensure receiving your 2017 annual mice.



Souvenir for 2017

By Sharon Fenner

Burmese, cute, our final quantity of Burmese mice, designed and hand-painted by CC Hardman.  Choice, one per household while supplies last.  Ltd. to 30 each, at $55.

NOTE:  Owl Mouse has SOLD OUT!!!

MJ17-01-owl.jpg MJ17-01-fish.jpg

NFGS Annual Convention Pin

By Ken Stohler

For 2017 we have chosen to feature the Bearylicious Bear, blown by Frank Workman. 


2017 Convention Registration Raffle Exclusives

By Sharon Fenner

Available to all NFGS members are three beautifully done exclusive items.  The lop-ear bunny was designed and hand-painted by Vicki Curren.  The Opal bunny was pressed at Mosser Glass.

The Black pedestal egg with the zebra motif, was a sample egg hand-painted by Susan Bryan.  She entered it in a design contest while employed at the Fenton Art Glass Company.


The Favrene vase has been sand-carved to enhance the design in the mould, then hand-painted with a complimenting sylized peacock feather design by Frances Burton.

The Convention Raffle is open to all NFGS members.  Tickets are $4 each, or 3 for $10.  Please see page 8 in the May/June 2017 Fenton Flyer for details regarding purchasing tickets.  The winning tickets will be drawn following the Banquet, Monday, July 31.  If you aren't in attendance, your item will be shipped to you postage paid, following the Convention.     

MJ17-01-RABBIT.jpg MJ17-08-BUNNY.jpg
MJ17-01-EGG.jpg MJ17-08-EGG.jpg
MJ17-01-VASE.jpg MJ17-08-VASE.jpg

Awesome Opportunity for All Members

By Sharon Fenner

In an effort to include ALL Members in our 27th Annual Convention we will accept Absentee Bids

on these four items from NFGS Members ONLY!  Please visit NFGS Auction 2017 p. 1 for more pictures, information, and Absentee Bid Form.


Banquet A


Banquet B


Banquet C


Banquet D


A Retirement Farewell

By Suzy Goodacre

After almost 11 years, Suzy has decided to retire effective September 1, 2017.  We wish her well in all she plans to do in the future.  

Introducing Bonnie Berga

By Millie Coty

Introducing the new NFGS Office Secretary, Bonnie Berga.  She will be joining Suzy in the office July 1.  Please welcome Bonnie to the NFGS.


Congratulations and

Happy Retirement!!!


Meet the 2017 NFGS Board of Directors Candidates

You will find your ballots and mailing envelopes included with this issue of The Fenton Flyer. 

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.


Please VOTE!



Millie Coty


Jay Kabinoff


Matthew Light


Charlie Lyngaas

Kay Saionz ------->


That Day Has Come

By Millie Coty

George and Randy Fenton met with Superintendent of Wood County Schools, John Flint, on June 2 to sign the closing contract for the Fenton Art Glass Company site.


Critter Corner

By Becki Ann Selby

Fenton's 5163 Bird, a favorite amoung collectors, was introduced in 1978.  With over 160 different colors and designs, this has been a well-loved feathered friend.      



Only in Williamstown

By Millie Coty 


This #1184 Milk Glass Hobnail napkin holder was in the Fenton Museum for many years. It was sold at one of the Fenton Museum auctionsand the chill was found recently in the Fenton Gift Shop.                       JA17-8-NAPKIN.jpg


JA17-8-CHILL_1.jpg JA17-8-CHILL_2.jpg

Tales from Kriner's Korner

By Carolyn Kriner

Below: Deep Purple Opalescent "Grape" sample Hobnail vase.

Left bottom:  Orange Opalescent Hobnail vase is a one-of-a-kind sample.

Below:  Amber Coin Dot vase, purchased at LG Wright before their gift shop closed.

JA17-9-Grape_bowl.JPG JA17-9-AMBER_INSIDE.JPG



Treasures from the Gilbert Auction 

By Ellen Stohler

Left top:  Barber era iridized threaded blue ewer from one of the museum auctions

Left bottom:  Pair of Rose Diamond Optic lamps made in 1933


Below:  Black Mint Jar with a Jade lid and foot, decorated



Just 'Cuz it Says Fenton...

By Anne Blackmore


Below and right:  Viking Pink Epic Leaf 14.5-inch bud vase.  Note, the leaves protrude from the vase

Below bottom:  Viking Avocado Green 6-Petal #1431 crimped bowl; 10-inch diameter, part of the "Epic" line

Right bottom:  Viking Evergreen Flowerlite bowl, #1014



If you know your Fenton shapes, you will be less likely to purchase a mis-labeled piece, and more likely to find a Fenton rarity!  Remember the late Tom Smith's mantra, "Know your shapes!!"





JA17-11-BOWL.jpg JA17-11-FLOWERLITE.jpg

Roof Repairs


Les Rowe, NFGS President, and Board member and Building Trustee James Sabolick, spent part of their Memorial Day weekend patching the NFGS office roof.



Last Time

By Claire Kauffung


Pictures taken on the Fenton Art Glass factory tour May 13, 2017.  This area is underneath the large pot furnace.  Hot glass has dripped down through the furnace forming stalactites and stalagmites.  Outside the furnace was a thick layer of glass melted into beautiful swirls of color.

JA17-10-inside.jpg JA17-10-_furnace.jpg


Left:  Jade green #1639 Elizabeth comport or mayonaise is unlisted, and never before seen in any color.  The rim has identical shape and dimensions of the #1639 saucer or 6-inch plate.  The shape of the base, stem and bowl is identical to that of the #923 footed nut dish or mayonaise, shown below in Celeste Blue.  

JA17-12-JADE-1.JPG JA17-12-JADE-2.JPG



Right:  Unlisted Tangerine #1563-17 oval handled bowl in plain transparent Tangerine. 

Unusual 10-inch round plate in Tangerine Stretch.

See you at the 27th Annual NFGS Convention!

July 29, 30, 31 ~ Quality Inn - Marietta, Ohio

Special Glass ~ Display Tables and Review

Seminars: Michael Dickinson; Ed Radcliff; Kitty and Russell Umbraco; Fenton Designers & Jena Blair

Glass ID ~ Consignment Auction - Bingo

Sternwheeler Dinner Cruise ~ Annual Meeting

Banquet ~ Speaker-Dean Six ~ Whimsey Auction



Happiness Bird Chill

By Millie Coty

Bonnie Berga and James Sabolick presented the NFGS with the happiness Birdchill (333), found in the Fenton Gift Shop.


Happy 4th of July!!!



And the (lack of) the Beat Goes on--  Fenton on eBay

By Doug McIntosh

Line 1 left: BlueHanging Hearts 13-inch offhand vase, $2927; 27 bids; 13 bidders

Line 1 right: Pair of LG Wright Cranberry Opalescent Daisy and Fern lamps; $605; 2 bids; 2 bidders



Line 2 left: 9.5-inch Green Carnival Peter Rabbit plate; $1411; 30 bids; 10 bidders

Line 2 right: 8.75-inch Reverse Amberina Carnival Dragon and Lotus bowl; $566; 47 bids; 10 bidders




Line 3 left: Green Satin Swirled Feather cologne bottles with stoppers; $660; 17 bids; 9 bidders

JA17-19-PERFUMES.jpg Line 3 right:  Periwinkle Blue 10-inch Chanticleer figure; $1170; 47 bids; 7 biddersJA17-19-CHANTICLEER.jpg
JA17-19-ROOSTER_VASE.jpg JA17-19-LEIDA.jpg

Above:  11-inch Ebony vase with a OOAK Rooster design by Robin Spindler; $480; 6 bids; 4 bidders

Above: Murphy/Bomkamp Leida design 10.5-inch cameo vase, $761; 3 bids; 2 bidders

Singleton Bailey Mould Donation

By Millie Coty

Singleton Bailey, of Loris Drug Store, Loris, SC,  donated 2 Elk's paperweight moulds, the plunger for the Frolicking Bears miniature basket, the Farmyard bowl, and the Swan mug to the National Fenton Glass Society.  

As a small token of our gratitude, the NFGS sent him our first souvenir, an Iridized Sage Mist Peacock from 1991.  Singleton's personal collection includes many Fenton Peacock vases.  


JA17-20-Singleton_moulds_RECTANGLE.jpg JA17-20-Singleton_Bailey.jpg



Travels with the Coe's

By Millie Coty


The pictures share the highlights of time spent in  Ohio and West Virginia.

The Fenton Gift Shop and Factory

Dinner with Pat and Bob Hill

Previewing the May 6th Fenton Company Auction and the auction

A pallet of cast-iron plunger castings

An old cabinet filled with boxes of glass samples dating back to the 1960s

Time spent with John Weishar at the Island Mould & Machine Company and their museum

A visit to Oglebay Park and the Oglebay Institute Glass Museum where the 5-ft., 225-lb. Sweeny Punch Bowl is on display








Another Fenton Gem--the #193 Crystal Crest Hand Vase

By Doug McIntosh                                                        

The author shares the excitement of adding a very rare 'prize' to their collection, and reminds us there is always another surprize piece out there to add to our collections!                                



2017 NFGS Convention

July 29, 30, & 31

Fenton - Fellowship - Fun

Exclusive Glass * Seminars * Auctions Banquet * Bingo * Glass Displays Consignment Auction * Dinner Cruise


Stretch Glass Society Convention

July 26 - 28, 2017

Please use the PDF to print the form, and mail it, along with your check, to:                             National Fenton Glass Society   P. O. Box 4008                           Marietta, OH  45750