Pictures of the glass in the 2016 Consignment Auction have been posted.  Check out all four pages of awesome glass - something for everyone!  Come join the fun!


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We will begin accepting orders on Convention glass on Wednesday, August 3.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, the mailing of the July/August issue is delayed. It is scheduled to mail on Monday, July 11.  NFGS members, what you will receive prior to getting the July/August issue is a repeat of the May/June issue, Board of Director ballots, return envelopes, and absentee bid forms. Please pull these inserts from the May/June issue which you will receive yet this week.We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding.  In an effort to get important Board of Director election information and convention details to you as soon as possible, the sitting Board has decided to make a PDF of the July/August issue available.  You will find that PDF on the National Fenton Glass Society page on Facebook.

UPDATE 7/11/16: 

The July/August issue of The Fenton Flyer went in the mail today. Please be sure to pull the inserts from the mailing sent a week ago - ballots, mailing envelope, and absentee bid form. We apologize for the late arrival of this issue. Please check out the bios of the candidates for the Board of Director positions, and return the ballots as soon as possible. Also, if you are placing an absentee bid, please send that to the NFGS office as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

UPDATE 7/15/16:

As stated before, the reissue of the May/June Flyer along with ballots, return envelopes, and absentee bid forms was mailed July 5. The July/August issue was mailed July 11. Some members have received one or the other, and some of our members have yet to receive either mailing, myself included, as of July 15. Another issue is that the last names of members have gone askew. Flyers have been received at the address on the label. When you receive a Flyer with an incorrect last name, it is your Flyer.

Regarding the deadline for mailing your ballots: the NFGS Board of Directors has voted to suspend the by-law requirement for this one-time situation, and count all ballots received prior to the counting of the votes, which is scheduled for July 29.


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NFGS dues for 2016 (January 1 - December 31) are due now.  For 2016 dues are Primary Members ($25) and Primary Associates ($5).  Associate Members must reside in the same household as a Primary Member.    Members renewing, or those joining, have the option of purchasing our annual mice.  This year we are offering a Orange Slice Satin mouse for $25 and a Green Topaz for $31.  They are limited to one of each per household (Primary member) for the 2016 membership year, on a first come, first serve basis.  The quantities are limited.

To avoid the 4% administrative charge for card usage, please include a check.

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Past issues of The Fenton Flyer may be purchased from the NFGS office for $2 per issue.

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NFGS Annual Mice for 2016

By Sharon Fenner

Once again the NFGS is offering two annual mice.  First is the Green Topaz which is available for $31.  Next is the Orange Slice Satinized mouse available for $25.  These are available only to members renewing for the 2016 membership year, limited to one of each per household (Primary member), on a first come, first serve basis.   Quantities are limited - renew early to ensure receiving your 2016 annual mice. 

Please note:  Green Topaz is a unique color - one that will never be duplicated.  The NFGS ordered the mouse in Topaz Opalescent.  There was difficulty producing the mouse in Topaz.  It was coming out more of a green color.  This is due to the fact that this glass color is typically produced using gas, not electricity, therefore the oxygen level couldn't be adjusted.  We think we have a desirable color to offer - one that has never been made, and can never be reproduced.  This only adds to the rarity of our Green Topaz mouse for 2016!!  Quantities are very limited!!  Add this little gem to your collection!  

ND15_Green_Topaz_mouse373.jpg JF16-06-OS_MOUSE.jpg

Introducing Our 2016 Convention Souvenir

By Sharon Fenner  

"Golden Tattoo" was designed and hand-painted by former Fenton Gift Shop Artist Susan Bryan.  Limited to 49, it is available at one per member while supplies last.  They are $65 each, plus $4.71 tax, if picked up at convention or shipped to an Ohio member.  

We are offering reduced shipping rates of $10 for one, and $13 for two. 

The 5468 elephant was one of the final new moulds created by the Fenton Art Glass Company, first offered in 2010.  Known colors are Ruby, Madras Pink and Fern Green.  Sorry, these have SOLD OUT!  

MJ16_souvenir_front.jpg MJ16_souvenir_back.jpg

Check Out the 2016 Raffle Items!

By Sharon Fenner

We are pleased to offer two raffle items for 2016!  First is a one-of-a-kind Indigo Blue Satin NFGS mouse, designed and hand-painted by CC Hardman in 2013.  She created a "cute as a button" Mary Gregory-style butterfly and blossom design that complements the Indigo Blue so beautifully.

Next is a drop-dead gorgeous one-of-a-kind Violet Bridesmaid doll designed and hand-painted by award-winning Fenton artist J. K. Spindler in 2013.  Robin's attention to detail is incredible - the hearts, the dots, the bling on the bouquet!

Available to NFGS members only.  Tickets are $4 each, or 3 for $10.  The raffle is listed on the Registration Form.  You may divide the tickets any way you wish.  The drawing will be held following the NFGS Banquet.  If the winner isn't in attendance, the item will be shipped postage-paid.     



MJ16_raffle_doll_front.jpg MJ16_raffle_doll_back.jpg

It's a Basket Case!

By Sharon Fenner

Once again Ken Stohler has had a beautiful souvenir pin created.  Our 26th Annual Convention pin features the NFGS Building Fund basket.  

The Cobalt Blue Iridized basket, issued November 15, 1995, was the 4th basket offered.  The oval pin is 1.5" high, and is available for $7.00, tax included.  It is listed on the Registration Form.

NFGS members may pre-order before convention.  If you are attending the convention, you will find your pin in your Convention packet.  If you aren't in attendance, it will be mailed to you after convention.  Actual postage will be charged if it is shipped to you.







Fantastic Opportunities for All Members

By Sharon Fenner

If you are unable to attend to attend the 26th Annual Convention, you may place an absentee bid on these awesome one-of-a-kind Fenton-made items.  They will be offered during the auction following the Banquet.  There is an absentee bid form included in this issue of The Fenton Flyer that you may fill out and return to the NFGS office, or you may phone the NFGS office with your information.  The office contact information is on page 2 of The Fenton Flyer.

These three items are available to members only.

Banquet "A" is an awesome 12" satin Milk Glass over Indigo Blue pillow vase with a beautiful Elk wandering in a winter landscape, designed by Fenton Artist Robin Spindler.

Banquet "B" is a Black Satin Chessie Box with iridized highlights on the lid.  Fenton Designer Robin Spindler has captured a Calico Cat, all wrapped up in a lavender satin blanket, snoozing so soundly that the 'gold' mouse (teddy bear charm) goes unnoticed.

Banquet "C" is a OOAK Burmese "Patches" 5151 bear, hand-painted by former Fenton Designer CC Hardman.  Be the only NFGS member to have this adorable bear in your collection!





Meet the Candidates for the

2016 NFGS Board of Directors


The following NFGS members are seeking election to the NFGS Board of Directors in the 2016 election.


Included with this issue of The Fenton Flyer is a ballot and an envelope to be used to return the ballot to the NFGS office.  They must be postmarked by July 21.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, the mailing of the July/August issue is delayed. We are hoping it will mail yet this week. (Week of July 5- 9)

NFGS members, what you will receive prior to getting the July/August issue is a repeat of the May/June issue, Board of Director ballots, return envelopes, and absentee bid forms. Please pull these inserts from the May/June issue which you will receive yet this week.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding.

In an effort to get important Board of Director election information and convention details to you as soon as possible, the sitting Board has decided to make some information from the July/August issue available. 



Paul Eastwood

I am a native of Bellaire OH. My family and I have collected Imperial and sickle cut glass for many years. After being intro-duced to Fenton glass, I have been collecting for 5 years. I collect various forms of Fenton like: Vasa Murrhina, 1920's art glass, plum opalescent, and Dave Fetty art glass. I an not just nailed down to those pieces, I like the weird different and unusual.

I am a graduate of Ohio state university and I work at Lowes in Clarksburg WV. I am the studio manager at the museum of American Glass. I teach fused and slumped glass to all ages. At the studio I teach free classes to anyone under the age of 18. My goal is to get the youth involved in glass.     

I am also a volunteer at Blenko Glass, where I oversee the glass gardens. I do more there but that would be a whole page worth.

In addition to Fenton I collect glass made by Aetna Glass, Beaumont Glass of Martins Ferry, OH, pre Morgan-town, Viking glass, and Cameo glass.

I use art glass in creating bonsai over rock. I am experimenting on using the glass instead of a stone.


Karen Lemmon

My name is Karen Lemmon and I am running for an open position on the NFGS Board of Directors. I have been a member of NFGS since 2012. I am also a member of the FAGCA, Fenton Finders of Kansas City, and Secretary of the Fenton Finders of Southeastern Wisconsin.

I love Fenton glass and have actively collected for over 25 years. My first piece of Fenton was a Milk Glass Hobnail covered candy dish which I received as an 8th grade graduation gift. My Fenton glass preferences include Burmese, cats, sand carved and one-of-a-kind pieces.

During my working career, I was an Administrative Assistant; managed a Print Shop for many years; and was em-ployed at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida for 14 years with my last position as Chief-of-Staff for a Vice President. I currently work part-time which allows me the opportunity to de-vote more time to working for NFGS. The hfollowing attributes, which I would bring to the Board, are that I am a highly organized person with excellent attention to detail and profi-cient at handling multiple tasks.

I would like to be more involved in the club and have thoroughly enjoyed attending and volunteering at the conven-tions in the Glass Sales Room and setting up a Display Table. If elected, I will be a hands-on active participant of the Board with a goal of attending every Board meeting.

If you are looking for a person who is willing to work hard as a team player and represent all members of NFGS to the best of my ability, then please cast a vote for me for the Board of Directors. Thank you for considering me for this important role.


Les Rowe

My name is Les Rowe, and I am a char-ter member of the NFGS. I’ve been active with the club in various capacities for the past 26 years. I started out working our glass auc-tions, then moving on to working in glass sales. I have held the positions of Finance Chairman, Vice President, and President.

I have had a lot of fun and learned a lot working with the club, especially planning the conventions last year and again this year. The best part of being involved with the NFGS has been the friendships that have been made over these many years. If elected, I look forward to serving you, our members. Thank you!



James Sabolick

Hello NFGS friends! My name is James Sabolick and I live near Marietta at Lower Salem, OH, and am seeking election to the Board of Directors as your NFGS representative. I am an avid collector and supporter of Fenton glass and the NFGS.

I have been collecting Fenton since 1976, and selling since 2003. Currently, I am involved with the Building Committee, often helping with office repairs and updates.

I am active with the Fenton Glass Society of the Marietta Area, attending meetings on a regular basis. I have been in-volved with several NFGS Conventions and activities which include: Consignment and Banquet Auctions, Reference Book Sales, and will chair the First-Timers’ during the 2016 Con-vention. I work with the NFGS Facebook page, interfacing with possible new members and establishing contact with the existing ones.

I am interested in raising the public’s awareness of Fen-ton and its long history, along with NFGS’s role in promoting education, etc. I believe I can bring enthusiasm, as well as additional perspectives and ideas to the NFGS Board and to our members.


Ellen Stohler

My husband and I have been collecting Fenton glass for twenty years. We are origi-nally from New Jersey and moved to Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia where we custom built our home.

Through the years we have acquired an extensive collection of Fenton which in-cludes Mulberry, Favrene, Burmese, Rosa-lene, Louise Piper, J.K. Spindler, OOAK and offhand. More recently we have begun collecting older vintage pieces of Fen-ton. Each year we enjoy doing a table display for convention.

I am an active member of Friends of Smith Mountain Lake State Park and the She Doos which is a jet ski club of mature women most of whom are retired professionals. The She Doos also participate in many charitable events. In one event we man one of the homes participating in our home tours. In the past, I have been a volunteer with Lake Christian Ministries which services disadvantaged families, sung with Lakeside Singers and worked with our local Womens’ Club.

Ken and I have been NFGS members since 2006. We are, also, active members of the Stretch Glass Society and the Fenton Finders of Greater Kansas City and have attended their conventions for several years.

Ken is a past NFGS Board member and creates the sou-venir pin which is sold at the registration desk. For two years, we chaired the Hospitality Room. We serve on the finance committee helping to select glass for the special glass room. You probably have seen me standing at the silent auction table promoting the beautiful OOAK glass for auction.

After teaching for thirty-two years in New Jersey, I re-tired in 1998. The organizational skills and the ability to work well with people and teams acquired while teaching would be a valuable asset to the Board. I have a passion for Fenton glass and through extensive travel will do my best to increase mem-bership as well as promote education of the glass that I love. It would be an honor to serve the membership.


Silver Crest with Apple Blossom

By Susan Vincil

These Apple Blossom pieces were found at an auction in Georgia.  After a disagreement, internet search, purchase, then research, it was determined they are Apple Blossom.  This Louise Piper design was introduced in July 1969, and was only produced for 18 months.  It is much scarcer than Violets-in-the-Snow.


Govenor Celebration

By Millie Coty

The NFGS office window was decked out with flags and bunting in early April.  Note the collection of Fenton glassmaking tools on display.

On April 6, Ohio Govenor John Kasich delivered his State of the State address from the Marietta Peoples Bank Theatre.




July 30, 31, August 1




Only in Williamstown 

By Millie Coty

The #3773 Milk Glass Hobnail pipe ashtray was produced from 1963 to 1967,as was Vasa MurrhinaInteresting "lunch box" examples are shown below.




How much were Fenton baskets worth in 1935?  Two Points!  This picture shows Frank Fenton in his 1935 Basketball uniform.


Critter Corner 

By Becki Ann Selby

Fenton's #5291 Scaredy Cat was designed in 2002 by Jon Saffell, and stands 4 1/2" tall.  Popularity rose slowly, with only about a dozen designs in the first five years.  The next few years brought the total designs to about forty.

Typically depicted in Halloween designs, which seem quite appropriate.  




Just 'Cuz it Says Fenton...

By Anne Blackmore


If you know your Fenton shapes, you will be less likely to purchase a mis-labeled piece, and more likely to find a Fenton rarity!  Remember the late Tom Smith's mantra, "Know your shapes!!"

Left:  Ruby Speckled Handled Ewer; this 4 1/2 inch ewer is European in origin.

Right top:  Consolidated "Regent Line" Ginger Jar; easily confused with Fenton temple jars

Right bottom:  Indiana Glass "Harvest" Pattern Comprt; produced in the 1970s in Green Carnival, Blue Carnival, and Gold Carnival





Right:  Fenton Royal Blue Stag and Holly giant rose bowl, made from the same mould as the large bowl or chop plate - sold for $525

Below left:  Fenton Grape and Cable three-footed round bowl in Celeste Blue with some nice stretch effect - sold for $525 (two pictures)

Bottom left:  Blackberry with Open Edge in Royal Blue, in a whimsy shape squatty 5 3/4" vase - sold for $2,100



Below:  Butterfly and Fern water pitcher in Vaseline (Topaz) with Marigold overlay - sold for $3,300

Bottom right:  Celeste Blue #1352 tumbler, most often found in stretch glass with applied handles in #220 and #222 setsJA16-ButterflyFern_Vaseline-10.jpg

JA16-Blackberry_Squatty-10.jpg JA16-TUMBLER-10.jpg

Fenton eBay Top-Sellers for February - March 2016

By Doug McIntosh


Right:  #3013 1920s Blue Hanging Hearts 6-inch  vase; 20 bids; 10 bidders; $1100

Below left:  17-inch Green Carnival Rustic swung vase; 22 bids, 8 bidders; $869

Below right:  Lotus Mist Rose Nectar GWTW lamp; $500  

Bottom left: #5243 Curious Cat with a Mountain Lion design by CC Hardman; 36 bids; 5 bidders; $475

Bottom right:  Burmese Cameo carved lamp by Kelsey Murphy, 1 bid; 1 bidder; $825


JA16-GR_CARN-11.jpg JA16-LM_LAMP-11.jpg
JA16-LION-11.jpg JA16-LAMP-11r.jpg

Tales from Kriner's Korner

By Carolyn Kriner

You can read all about how the author solved some of her glass display challenges.  We all have more options and opportunities than we think.  

Enjoy the pictures and read all about it on page 12 of The Fenton Flyer!

JA16-PIC2-12.jpg JA16-PIC3-12.jpg
JA16-PIC4-12.jpg JA16-PIC5-12.jpg

 I Spy!!


Larry Noe spotted this Strawberry Shortcake sitting atop a Fenton #3510 Spanish Lace Silver Crest footed cake plate on the cover of the July/August 2016 issue of Victoria magazine, Special Antiques Issue.


If you spot a piece of Fenton used as a movie or TV prop, please send it in fo our I-Spy column!






It's Time to cast your ballot for members of the NFGS Board of Directors.  This is your opportunity to have a voice in the operation of your club.  Included with this issue of The Flyer is a ballot and a return envelope.  It must be postmarked by July 21.  Don't delay, vote today!    







2016 NFGS Convention

July 30, 31, & August 1

Fenton - Fellowship - Fun

Exclusive Glass * Seminars * Auctions Banquet * Bingo * Glass Displays Consignment Auction * Dinner Cruise


Stretch Glass Society Convention

July 27 - 29, 2016


Please use the PDF to print the form, and mail it, along with your check, to:                               National Fenton Glass Society    P. O. Box 4008                           Marietta, OH  45750