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They're Here--our 2014 NFGS Mice!

Offered in Ruby and Beautiful Autumn Gold

By Sharon Fenner

The NFGS mice for 2014 were pressed at Fenton's Collectibles, Republic, Missouri.  They arrived at the NFGS office the weekend of December 7th, were checked, boxed for shipping, labeled, and mailed shortly thereafter.  They were available at one per member who has renewed their membership for the 2014 membership year.



In and Around Williamstown           

Parkersburg, W. Va., 1914 Elk bell in Royal Blue     Fenton made bells for other B. P. O. E. conventions.  Parkersburg and the date 1914 are embossed on the shoulder.  The motif shows the Elk looking to the viewer's right.  The clapper is almost always made of lead.






Tribute to Charter Member Dorothy Klosterman

By Millie Coty

Dorothy Mae Klosterman of Worthington, Ohio peacefully passed away on August 27, 2013 at the age of 94.  Dorothy, and Paul, her husband of 62 years, were avid Fenton and Greentown collectors.  Paul passed away in 2006.  Paul (member #33) and Dorothy (member # 34) were Charter members, with Paul serving as Chair of the By-Laws Committee for many years.  During several conventions they helped welcome First Time attendees.  She will be missed by many.



The Fenton eBay Barometer:  Gloomy forecast continues

By Doug McIntosh

Right:  Peach Crystal Crest Console Bowl  Below:  Amethyst Dragon & Strawberry Bowl  Below right:  #1933 Ruby Reamer                      Middle left:  Nine-piece grouping of Fento Cruets  Bottom left:  Cobalt Orange Tree Orchard Pitcher  Bottom right:  8-1/2 inch Cranberry Opalescent Hobnail vase whimsey







Critter Corner

By Becki Ann Selby

The # 5253 Unicorn is five inches tall and was introduced in 1991 in Crystal with a gemstone necklace.  In 1992 - three new designs were special orders for QVC and the Fenton Gift Shop.  In 1993 - five undecorated versions were offered.  In 1998 - two new designs were created.  In 2006 QVC requested a special order.  Six of the 23 versions were decorated.   


Fenton Gems - the #2980 Pear Covered Box

By Doug McIntosh

This tiny 4-1/2 inch #2980 pear-shaped covered box was made in only 6 treatments before it disappeard from the general line.  The box was designed by Tony Rosena and it requires a two-part mould.  The box first appeared in the 1995 General Catalogue.  It was offered in Red Carnival, Sea Mist Green, and Petal Pink.  At a later date it  was produced in Iridized Aubergine, Iridized Gold, and Iridized Topaz Opalescent.    




"Just Cuz" it Doesn't Say Fenton

"Know your Fenton shapes!"

By Anne Blackmore

There are way too many pieces mis-labeled as Fenton out there.  And there are Fenton items not labeled Fenton.  Here are some examples.

Right: Cameo Opalescent Bell - this bell is ware #3667 and was produced between 1979 and 1981.

Below left:  Fenton Santa Fairy Light - this is ware #5106, and was produced between 1970 to 1977.

Below right:  Fenton Floral Finial Bathroom Bottle - This is part of the #16-17-54 Jade bath set made in 1929. 

This is a regular column in The Fenton Flyer.  NFGS members have access to tips and hints for avoiding a disappointing purchase.  Knowing Fenton characteristics  is very important when determining if a piece is Fenton.


JF14Milk_Glass_Santa_Fairy_Light.jpg JF14Jade_Perfume_Bottle_Flower_Top.jpg


Fenton Art Glass Co. Museum Closing

Museum Contents to be Dispersed at Public Auction

By Millie Coty

Auctions are scheduled for April 26, June 4 (Carnival Glass), and July 26 at the Dexter City Auction Gallery in Dexter City, Ohio.



Just a Sugar?  How Moulds Served More Than One Purpose

By Anne Blackmore

Right:  Persian Blue sugar (circa 1915)

Middle:  Milk Glass #1290 two-piece baby reamer

Bottom:  Mandarin Red Big Cookies basket and ice bucket




Read all about how Fenton used a single mould to create multiple items, by "tweaking" the moulten glass, in the latest issue of The Fenton Flyer.JF14Mandarin_Basket.jpg


A Day at the Auction--Stretch Glass

By Anne Blackmore

Right:  Celeste Blue #549 Candlesticks with Black Foot, sold for $450                                   Below:  Florentine Green Dolphin handled bowl, sold for $300                                                        Center:  Tangerine Stretch 2-piece guest set, sold for $475




Below:  Tangerine Bowl, #1512, made from Flower Pot, 7-1/2" top diameter, sold for $45

Below:  Topaz oval Dolphin handled small comport, sold for $260JF14_Topaz_Opal_Dolph_Comp.jpg


Below:  Tangerine Bowl, #1512, made from Flower Pot, 9-1/2" top diameter, sold for $250JF14Large_Tang_Bowl.jpg




Right: Crystal 3-part rectangular tray in the acid- etch Wistaria pattern, 14", with two dividers Below: Ruby Stretch whimsy pieces : a #600 oval 8-inch bowl and an 8-inch vase                     Bottom: Jade #1502 Diamond Optic flared vase with a squared, crimped top




JF14Classics_jade.jpg ND13patches_poster-373.jpg

The 2013 NFGS Annual Patches on Burmese Poster (11" X 14") depicts all the critters.  A few remain, and may be ordered by members for $10.


Keeping Your Eyes Open - A Special Christmas Edition

By John Walk

Right:  Winter on Opal Satin oil lamp, Winter Berry paneled basket,  Holly Berry reclining bear,and Christmas Happiness basket                          Below:  Nativity Scene fairy lights in Antique Blue and Favrene w/Crystal base and gold highlights




Above Right:  Burmese Santa fairy light and Santa in the Chimney lamp

Right:  Kneeling Santa, Hugging Santa, and Santa with the Kitten figurines

Below:  Nativity disk ornament in an Antique Blue Wash, then highlighted in natural colors.  The reverse side is handpainted in a winter scene.

Bottom left:  Green Mary Gregory Hurricane Lamp and (right) a Ruby Bridesmaid doll with a sandcarved Holly pattern done by Kelsey Murphy.  

JF14_JW_ORN_NAT.jpg JF14_JW_ORN_back.jpg



Make Plans to attend the

24th Annual NFGS Convention

July 26, 27, & 28, 2014

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Stretch Glass Society Convention

July 23 - 25, 2014



From the 1950s, a Milk Glass Planter Plate

By Anne Blackmore

This is a 9-inch Milk Glass Backward-C plate bearing a very old, heavily-yellowed decal picture of morning glories and ivy in the center.  Attached to the back was a one inch deep aluminum planter apparatus.  Affixed to the planter was the original instruction label, and it bears the Fenton logo.






Arguing the Case for Damaged Glass 

By Anne Blackmore

Left:  1930s vintage Sheffield Blue Elephant whiskey decanter  that was described by the eBay seller as being in "terrible" condition.  It sold for $140.50.

Below:  Jade Elephant Planter with a badly damaged foot and a couple chips.  In "mint" condition it would sell for $800 - $1000! 




Edward P. Paul & Company, Inc. and the Fenton Art Glass Company/Gift Shop Connection

By Millie Coty

The Edward P. Paul & Company was known for its high-end imported glass, porcelain, artwork and other items from around the world.

Right:  Original gold foil E. P. Paul hang tag.  Note it states Made in Italy.

Below top:  Note the hang tags on the lamps made at Fenton.

Bottom:  Some of the small lamps were made from cologne bottles originally made for Wrisley and others.





JF14Paul_door.jpgA doorway to a better past (525 South Avenue, Plainfield, NJ).


Fantastic Post-1940 Finds from eBay

By Anne Blackmore

Right:  First Edition Fenton Nativity Set, 13-pieces, offered between 1997 and 2000, sold for $575                                                                    

Below:  OOAK Opal Satin Sleigh with Runners, designed and painted by Kim Barley, sold for $428

Below right:  Purple Happiness Bird from the Medallion Collection, offered in 1996, sold for $118  




JF14_Piper_Tier_Platters.jpg JF14Drapery_Cruet_Hndl.jpg


Above left:  Gorgeous Vintage 2-Tier Fenton 1986 Louise Piper Dish, decorated with cardinals and pine cones, sold for $249.26

Above:  Cranberry Opalescent Drapery Optic Cruet with Finger Loop Handle, closed at $59

Left: Silvercrest Extremely Rare Largest Heart Relish Dish, 10-inches wide X 12-inches from handle to point; it didn't sell   




Fenton Archaeology

Exceptional Early Fenton Found On Line             or in the Wild 

By Anne Blackmore

Right:  Blackberry Open Edge Swung Vase, made by Fenton in appoximately 1911, book value is in the $700 to $1,000 range; it didn't sell

Below:  #893 Chinese Yellow Ginger Jar with Dragon, sold on eBay for $610, painted by Otto Gertler in the 1930s

Below right:  Custard Orange Tree Pattern Mug, #1412, value is undetermined

Bottom left:  #3 Crystal Satin 3-inch Ginger Jar Base, note it has two toes

Bottom right:  #1790 Cobalt Blue Leaf Tiers Bowl and Candleholders was spotted at a show in  Pennsylvania, excellant condition and very rare


JF14_Yellow_Goertler_Ginger.jpg JF14Custard_Mug.jpg
JF14Crystal_Base.jpg JF14Cobalt_Leaf_Tiers.jpg

Make plans now to attend the 24th Annual NFGS Convention July 26, 27, & 28, 2014.

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